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A quarter of tech Startup employees will take just 24hrs away from work this Christmas

by Tech Reporter
20th Dec 23 11:58 am

New research published today shows that well over half (56 percent) of Brits working in the tech sector will take less than a week off over Christmas.

The research, carried out by film discovery startup MovieMe, shows that people working for startups are expected to take the least time to rest. A massive 24% of them plan to take 24 hours (or less) away from work. And only a little over a third (35 percent) expect to take a week or more to relax.

This picture is concerning when you consider that global levels of stress and burnout in the workplace have been on the rise for more than a decade*. Despite this worsening stress, our research reveals that some are finding it hard to switch off. Owners and senior executives find it the hardest, with 14% of owners not planning to take any time away from their business.

However, it’s not just CEOs that find themselves interacting with work. Six percent of all respondents admitted that they expect to chat to their work colleagues over Christmas.

The research also asked the tech sector to share their relaxation plans for the festive season. Binge watching movies was the most popular pastime (66 percent) followed by going out for dinner and drinks (47 percent) and taking time to exercise (37 percent). Despite the stereotypical hipster tropes, just 7% of tech workers reported that they will meditate or engage in breathwork.

With so many people opting to watch movies during their holiday, the research also asked workers what famous movie most closely resembled their professional lives in 2023. In a nod to the gloomy nature of the economy, Groundhog Day topped the list, closely followed by Die Hard and Titanic in third (full list below).

Bhavesh Joshi – Founder and CEO – Movie Me!, commented on the findings: “It’s shocking to see so few people in tech are planning to take a break this season. Working in tech is not for the faint-hearted; the pace is face and the hours long, regardless of whether you’re an investor or a startup founder.”

“It’s good to see that those that are taking time to rest and reset are planning to take time to experience a new movie or restaurant with friends and family. Taking time to share in a new experience is vital to creativity and our emotional connection with others. I for one will be taking a break to absorb myself in a new aspect of culture over the festivities – and the rest of the tech sector should consider joining me or risk being burnt out before 2024 has even begun!”, Joshi concluded.

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