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AI drives cloud computing boom for Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
1st May 24 3:08 pm

The tech titans, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet, have recently unveiled robust sales figures from their cloud computing divisions.

This was propelled by growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and signalling a resurgence in corporate spending.

Growth in the $270 billion cloud infrastructure sector, a cash engine for Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet, indicates that AI investment is paying off.

Investors’ excitement about the emerging technology propelled those stocks to record highs.

Last year, many significant clients curtailed cloud spending to trim costs amidst a challenging business landscape. However, with the resurgence of interest in AI, corporate customers are again investing in cloud computing solutions.

Cloud infrastructure sector’s impressive growth

Cloud computing provides a scalable infrastructure to support AI applications’ computational intensity and data processing needs, making it a natural ally for AI-driven innovation.

Amazon recently said its cloud computing unit, AWS, expanded 17% from January to March, exceeding Wall Street’s 15% growth projection and reaching a $100 billion annual run rate for the first time.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud also outperformed expectations, with 31% and 28% growth rates during the same period.

Analysts note that AI is playing a dual role in this growth story. Not only is AI contributing directly to the expansion of cloud services, but it’s also catalyzing increased spending across other cloud functionalities.

For Microsoft, AI services contributed seven percentage points to Azure’s growth, up from 6 in the previous quarter. Over 65% of Fortune 500 companies are now Azure OpenAI Service customers.

Similarly, Google Cloud has seen substantial adoption of its AI services, with more than 60% of funded generative AI startups and nearly 90% of genAI unicorns utilizing its platform.

Investor enthusiasm

Rishi Jaluria, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, emphasizes the ongoing migration of workloads to the cloud and the consolidation of IT spending towards large platforms, particularly hyper scalers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet.

With their extensive network of data centers and comprehensive service offerings, these hyperscalers are becoming the preferred choice for end-to-end workload support.

As the cloud computing landscape continues to evolve, fueled by AI innovation, tech giants are vying for market share and exploring new avenues for growth. Amazon, in particular, has intensified its focus on AI, recently increasing its investment in the AI startup Anthropic to $4 billion.

The stellar performance of these tech giants in cloud computing underscores AI’s pivotal role in reshaping the future of technology and business.

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