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Artificial Intelligence expedites customs document clearance by up to 95% at the border post-Brexit

by Tech Reporter
6th Dec 23 1:49 pm

ABBYY’s intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions are helping manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) fast-track their trucks through border customs by reducing the time to clear custom clearances by more than 90%.

Trucks moving goods across international borders can be stalled for hours if there are any errors or discrepancies in their customs paperwork, resulting not only in delayed deliveries but also in potential fines or spoilage of goods.

Ireland-based pastry supplier Portumna Pastry Ltd recently used ABBYY’s purpose-built AI to reduce their customs clearance times at the EU/UK border from one hour to just five minutes.

ABBYY IDP accelerated the customs clearance process by extracting data from complex transportation and logistics documents with 100% accuracy, allowing critical data to be submitted to national customs systems without the need for any manual review.

“From delivering frozen unbaked pastries to supermarkets to enabling global logistics carriers to deliver millions of manufacturing goods on time during peak seasons, time is of essence,” commented Neil Murphy, Chief Sales Officer at ABBYY.

“Manufacturers and FMCGs no longer need to rely on brokerage firms to get their goods across international borders and into consumers’ households. They can take control over their customs operations by working with ABBYY and strategic solution partners to put their information to work.”

ABBYY engages directly with global carriers, freight forwarders, logistics providers and supply chain management providers and partners with strategic solution vendors who have simplified the complex processes of import and export.

As a result of BREXIT, UK and EU businesses have had to face a massive increase in administration and paperwork when moving goods cross-border,” commented Joe Corcoran, Lead Consultant at CustomsTrack, a solution provider that helps clients streamline their border-clearance activities. “

Because a customs declaration is a legal document, there is no margin for error; an automated solution must be foolproof. With ABBYY IDP, we experience 100% accuracy and a 99% straight-through-processing rate.”

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