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Bouquets of flowers that mean “Thinking of You”

by LLT Contributor
18th Mar 24 10:21 am

All women, without exception, love romance and highly value men who can give them unique and unforgettable moments. After all, it is by his actions that one can judge a man’s true intentions. For thousands of years, people all over the world have used the language of flowers to convey what cannot be expressed in words. Bouquets have a unique property of conveying thoughts and feelings. With their delicate appearance and subtle aroma, they can melt any heart and give a feeling of joy. Some plants can express a wide range of emotions depending on the colour. Below we will talk about thinking about you flowers that you can give to your beloved people to show how they are important to you.

The history of carnations goes back more than 2000 years, but they still remain one of the most beloved flowers in the world. A bouquet of carnations symbolises devotion and love, not only romantic but in all its manifestations. It is also given to highlight the charm and personality of the recipient, as well as to say that you are constantly thinking about her.

White carnations have meanings such as purity of thoughts, good luck, mutual love, and stable relationships. Red and pink carnations can compete with roses for the title of the thinking of you flower. Lighter shades are suitable for partners in a stable relationship. The pink colour of the buds can also express gratitude.


Dahlias are often associated with the sentiment of “thinking of you.” They are beautiful and vibrant flowers that come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. Dahlias are commonly used to convey messages of love, gratitude, and admiration. The intricate and striking appearance of dahlias can symbolise inner strength, creativity, and elegance, making them a thoughtful choice when you want to let someone know that you are thinking of them.

When giving dahlias as a gift or including them in a bouquet, they can serve as a heartfelt way to express your feelings and show someone that they are on your mind. Whether you choose a single dahlia bloom or a bouquet of dahlias in various colours, the gesture of giving these thinking about you flowers can convey a message of affection and care. Dahlias can be a meaningful choice for occasions such as birthdays, and anniversaries, or simply to brighten someone’s day with a thoughtful reminder that they are remembered and appreciated.


Amaryllis is an excellent exotic flower that can decorate a bouquet and tell a person what you think about her. It can be also given to men because in the language of flowers, amaryllis means pride, masculinity, strength, and inaccessibility. The majestic appearance of the buds is impressive, and the plant makes you fall in love at first sight.

Today, bright amaryllis buds are used to add sophistication to compositions. Just a few buds deprive the bouquet of frivolity, giving it nobility. Choose amaryllis if you are looking for a gift for a person who has great authority or power.


In general, tulips are often used to convey messages of love, affection, and admiration. They are classic flowers thinking of you for expressing heartfelt sentiments and letting someone know that they are on your mind.

When giving tulips as a gift or including them in a bouquet, they can show someone that you are thinking of them. The graceful and delicate appearance of tulips symbolises beauty, grace, and thoughtfulness.

Whether you choose red tulips to express deep love and passion, pink tulips for admiration and affection, or white tulips for purity and forgiveness, the gesture of giving tulips can send a message of care and appreciation.


Pink lilies are predictable. They speak of the tenderness and romantic mood of the giver. This would be a good gift for either a young girl or an adult woman who would like to be complimented as a warm, affectionate, kind, and disposing person.

White lilies denote purity and innocence. It is believed that if a man gives white lilies to a woman or bride, this is his hint that he is constantly thinking about her and is ready to have a child with her.

Orange lilies are vibrant, rich, and optimistic. They are given as a wish for health and longevity. It is more than appropriate to give such a bouquet to a person who has been sick but is already on the road to recovery and remind him that he is dear and important to you. There is no dullness, fragility, or vulnerability in such a bouquet, but there is motivation, attitude, and charging brightness.

If you know exactly what flowers a person likes, you can give them. In the end, any bouquet chosen with soul and good wishes will tell the person about your love and care. If you can’t give a bouquet yourself, you can order Thinking of You flowers delivery in UK by following the link https://myflowers.co.uk/category/thinking-of-you-flowers. You can also seek the help of experienced florists to choose beautiful flowers for thinking of you that will be delivered on time to the specified address.

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