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CloudStratex Joins The FinOps Foundation

by Tech Reporter
13th Apr 22 10:28 am

Programme delivery and IT advisory specialist, CloudStratex, has been made a member of the FinOps Foundation.

The outcome-focused CloudStratex, which utilises incubation and knowledge transfer techniques to help clients adopt and understand new enterprise technologies, will now be a proud part of a community of professionals committed to advancing optimal      cloud financial management.

Becoming a member of the FinOps Foundation allows CloudStratex to deliver its three-step FinOps approach [Save, Sustain, Systemise] to the highest possible standard, while evolving its practices with the latest advances in cloud.

Part of the wider Linux Foundation, the FinOps Foundation is a non-profit, dedicated to advancing people who practice the discipline of cloud financial management through best practices, education and standards.

Tom McGregor, Senior Consultant, Infrastructure & Applications Practice at CloudStratex, said: “As an extension of our interest in operational efficiency, FinOps has become one of our central concerns – and a key area of focus for our clients. Although Cloud has historically been seen as a means of reducing costs, the reality we encounter among clients tells a very different story – one in which transitions away from the datacentre model are marked by unexpected and substantial expense.  By driving cost savings, automating FinOps capabilities and, most importantly, embedding behavioural and procedural change in our customer’s organisations, we deliver financial confidence to their cloud journeys.

As such, we’re huge supporters of the FinOps Foundation’s mission of empowerment through FinOps education. Helping our clients      understand the technology they adopt is the linchpin of our ‘teach a person to fish’ philosophy, and the FinOps Foundation is a fantastic example of that principle in action across the world of cloud financial management.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome CloudStratex to the rapidly expanding FinOps Foundation,” said Joe Daly, FinOps Foundation Director of Community. “Together, we’ll better inform and educate companies and organisations on the burgeoning field of FinOps and its ability to help them better manage their cloud spend and strategies so they can better serve the needs of their customers and constituents.”

Established in 2019, CloudStratex is dedicated to the implementation of technologies and practices that allow its clients to achieve operational efficiency, integration, and resilience.

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