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Conversational media platform Octaive announces the appointment of chairman

by Tech Reporter
16th Aug 21 1:12 pm

Fast growing conversational media platform Octaive has announced the appointment of PHD founder David Pattison as its new chairman.

Octaive’s pioneering technology creates meaningful conversations between consumers and brands within standard display and video inventory. Its proprietary cookieless solution enables personalised experiences in contextually relevant environments. This creates ‘active attention’ where users are highly engaged in two-way conversations without having to click through to the brand’s site.

Pattison has had a long and illustrious career in the advertising industry. He co-founded PHD in 1990 and more recently he has been involved in a number of startups in a range of industries including, marketing, publishing, construction, motorsport, AdTech, MarTech, FinTech, production and broadcasting. He has also written a book called The Money Train: 10 things startups need to know about investors, that helps startups prepare for the fundraising journey.

Pattison joins as Octaive is currently scaling its operation, further developing the product, expanding globally and building the team. Octaive has worked with a series of high profile clients including Vodafone, Lego, VW and The Open University.

According to Co-Founder and CEO Sam Peters:  “We are delighted to have someone of David’s vision and calibre onboard as our Chairman and investor which demonstrates the ambitions of this team and the potential of Octaive. We are looking forward to drawing upon his extensive experience as we scale the business globally. For too long brands have been limited to just ‘pushing’ their message at consumers but today people expect control over their digital experiences. Our core focus is helping brands create ad experiences that drive ‘active attention’ with their audience. Our platform makes this super simple by repurposing standard display, social and video assets into highly engaging, 2-way interactive conversational creative.”

According to Pattison: “I am hugely excited about the potential of Octaive. When I get involved with startups i have three criteria that need to be met: Can I spend two hours in a room with the people, is it an interesting product and can I make a difference? Octaive puts big ticks in all the boxes. It’s a great team, led by a brilliant CEO. The company is doing business with big brands and is already profitable. They are solving the problem of creating attention, driving personalised ads in a cookieless world. The results clients are getting are exceptional”

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