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Cyberattack rocks the Kremlin in an attempt to overthrow Putin for ‘needlessly sending our young men to die’

by Tech Reporter
3rd Oct 22 10:09 am

A group of civilian Russians who form the National Republican Army (NRA) have launched a huge cyberattack against the Kremlin to overthrow Vladimir Putin.

NRA hackers have started coordinated attacks on the Kremlin and executed an advanced ransomware attack on the network of Unisoftware.

Unisoftware is a Russian development company who develop API solutions and desktop systems.

A NRA member told the Kyiv Post, “Putin needlessly sending our young men to die in an unjust war waged against Ukraine that has resulted in the slaughter of innocent civilians, including women and children.”

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The hackers said they’ve stolen copies of all of Unisoftware’s data, which includes, but not limited to: credentials for bank accounts and personal accounts, sensitive employee information, phone numbers, addresses, contracts, and proprietary code for Unisoftware’s clients and software.

The NRA have said they will release all the data and information if not paid promptly by Unisoftware.

Since the war started the Kremlin and other government departments across Russia has been hit with various cyberattacks mainly from the collective group Anonymous.

In September Moscow was brought to a standstill lasting three hours after Anonymous hacked “Yandex Taxi” which is the cities largest cab company.

The cyber guerrillas hacked Yandex systems sending every single cab to the same address in Moscow which resulted in a “three hour traffic jam” along “the Kutuzovsky Prospekt” which is in the western part of the city.

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