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Experts reveal how the right technology can make your business more inclusive

by Tech Reporter
29th Aug 22 11:14 am

Inclusion is important for any business, no matter the industry, and recent advancements have meant that technology now plays a vital role in providing an inclusive environment.

From improving communication, to ensuring wellbeing of employees, there are multiple benefits to implementing the right solutions, especially as many businesses adopt hybrid working models.

Audio visual experts Universal AV share how the right technology can support an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Whether it is internal or external, communication is key for promoting inclusivity in businesses. “Implementing the right tools is imperative to ensure continued communications, especially with remote and hybrid workers” Mark Atkinson, Sales Manager at Universal AV had to say.

He added, “to ensure an inclusive and efficient workplace, technology should be implemented that allows both private and open communication. This will ensure employees can communicate with ease and feel part of the team, whilst having a safe communication channels for private matters.”

Tools such as “video conferencing from the likes of Microsoft Teams, which seamlessly connects users no matter their location, can really help in boosting communication and therefore inclusivity across the business”.


Workplaces need to be adaptable to ensure equal opportunities for workers, no matter their requirements. Tools such as “assisted listening devices and induction loop systems are just one of the ways to make the workplace more accessible for those who have hearing impairments for example” adds Atkinson.

It is vital employees feel supported, and tools which track employee progress and achievements can also assist in driving inclusion and equality. These can make applying for promotions and roles within the company easier regardless of background and requirements.


Hybrid working has seen a rise since the pandemic with 24% of workers adopting this way of working as of May 20221. Almost half of people working at home in some capacity also reported improved wellbeing, with 53% saying they had fewer distractions.

Whilst this way of working is becoming the norm, its vital businesses have the right set up to facilitate hybrid working to ensure continued wellbeing.

“For employees working remotely support can be provided through the right technology. Video conferencing can be fantastic for involving everyone in wellbeing events or company socials for example, which they otherwise may have missed. ” adds Atkinson.

Following the pandemic, many business owners were forced to look at the technology they use to facilitate home working effectively, and since then it’s been vital to adapt the workplace and ensure continued productivity.

41% of workers have reported increased productivity since adopting hybrid working, proving its effectiveness, however “the right set up is vital. Hybrid meetings which participants can easily access will help ensure increased engagement and efficiencies, whilst also ensuring an inclusive environment” Atkinson says.

“We’ve seen businesses adopt the ‘bring your own device’ approach which means users can join seamlessly from wherever they are, using their own phone or laptop and ClickShare CX-20 hardware, without the need of additional equipment.”

As businesses continue to adapt to the changing ways of working, its important to ensure an inclusive environment for employees. This is not only imperative for wellbeing and diversity, but also allowing people to work productively.

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