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Global TikTok downloads hit 3-year high, averaging 2.7 million daily

by Tech Reporter
24th Aug 23 2:36 pm

TikTok continues to enthrall the social media landscape, cementing its position among innovative platforms in the field. This strong foundation has enabled the short video-sharing app to register resurgent downloads, aiming to exceed the levels seen during the pandemic.

As per data acquired and calculated by Finbold, TikTok’s global quarterly downloads for Q2 2023 reached the highest figure in the past three years, totaling 260.8 million downloads. This value equates to an average of 2.7 million downloads throughout 2023.

What’s more, these download figures indicate a year-over-year growth of 17.86% compared to the Q2 2022 value of 221.3 million. In the first half of 2023, the app garnered a total of 503.52 million downloads.

Interestingly, over the last three years, TikTok’s quarterly download numbers have exhibited fluctuations. The peak was observed in Q2 2020, with 292.1 million downloads, while the lowest was recorded in Q4 2021, amounting to 162.3 million downloads.

Impact of TitkTok’s growing downloads

The report highlighted the implication of TikTok’s growing number of downloads. According to the research report:

“Certainly, TikTok’s capacity to recover in download numbers is a noteworthy achievement, particularly when considering the escalating competition within the social media space. As novel and inventive platforms gain prominence, users now have an expanded array of choices, diverting their focus and conceivably partly contributing to a decline in TikTok’s user acquisition. This phenomenon is compounded by platforms like YouTube and Instagram intensifying their endeavors to promote short video offerings.”

While the impact of the social media platform’s reach is evident, the central focus continues to revolve around securing enduring expansion and cultivating authentic user interaction. These factors are poised to be pivotal in maintaining steadfastness in the face of regulatory scrutiny.

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