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GoDaddy launches new eBay integration, to help microbusinesses grow online

by Tech Reporter
14th Oct 21 9:59 am

GoDaddy the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, today announced that customers can sell their products on eBay through GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, making it easier for small business owners to expand their ecommerce store offerings and find new customers to grow their business.

UK entrepreneurs and microbusiness owners using GoDaddy can now sell their products on eBay through a single dashboard view. The new feature enables business owners to list their inventory with eBay while using Online Store to manage orders and shipping across these platforms, all from one place. There are no additional add-ons or plug-ins needed.

Using their existing Online Store product catalogue, customers can list products with eBay with just a few clicks and everything is kept updated for them.  In addition, inventory is automatically adjusted and synced as orders are received, so customers don’t need to worry about accidentally overselling out of stock items.

Daniel Lomas from North London has been running his family business Wimba since 2010, however in November 2020 he took the company online for the first time with GoDaddy. His company sells marquees and outdoor structures and since making the transition online, he now sells to customers across the UK, not just his local area. Daniel said:

“GoDaddy’s eBay Marketplace integration has made my order management system much more efficient and streamlined. Over the last 12 months, since moving my business online and then setting up Marketplaces with GoDaddy, my turnover has increased by 87% and sales have increased by 43%.”

“The integration seamlessly tracks and manages my stock and orders across the website and eBay. Being able to sell online connects me with buyers that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to, and that’s thanks to GoDaddy. I also use the Social Media integration which enabled me to post listings on Google, Instagram and Facebook with just one single click”.

Ben Law, Head of UK and Ireland, GoDaddy, said: “We know how important it is for small and microbusinesses to have a strong online presence and we continue to support small businesses and entrepreneurs across the UK, with an integrated suite of online tools and solutions to help them grow their business online.”

“Small business owners can have their own online store with GoDaddy, as well as sell their products and services via additional outlets too, so they are visible to more people. The new integration with eBay makes it easier and quicker for busy business owners to keep track of, and manage, orders all from one central place. It is the latest in a series of our partnerships in the UK, following our integration with Instagram just three months ago.”

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