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Goth Girlfriends: NFT and alternative culture pop-up comes to London

by LLT Editor
5th Apr 22 12:29 pm

Goth Girlfriends is hosting a pop-up gallery in Soho this April, showcasing incredible artwork and inviting the public to learn more about the intersection of NFTs and alternative culture. The event will be open to the public free of charge on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd April, and is located at 15 Bateman Street, in the heart of London’s bustling Soho.

Goth Girlfriends is a new Metaverse project for alternative culture lovers, providing the opportunity to own a Goth Girlfriend NFT on the blockchain and gain exclusive access to gigs, festivals and events. No Face, anonymous founder of Goth Girlfriends and self-described goth, started the project to offer a safe space for ‘freaks, weirdos and those who can be marginalised in the traditional art sphere’ to carve their own corner of the metaverse and connect online and in real life over art, music, festivals and more.

One of the first ever NFT galleries to pop up in Soho, this run will see the glass front venue transformed with red neon lights, eclectic pieces and gothic-inspired decor, inviting the public to experience an immersive NFT exhibition fit with digital screens displaying the artwork, plus creative talks and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

The artwork displayed at the gallery will be a selection of works by UK-based artist-to-the-stars HE Creative, who’s long list of high calibre collaborations include Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbats NFT collection as well as collaborations with the likes of music labels like Universal and Columbia Records, and Kanye West.

No Face, founder of Goth Girlfriends, says: “We’re so excited to be hosting our first ever Goth Girlfriends pop-up gallery this April. It will allow those in the alternative scene and wider public to discover our unique community and learn about something totally new. As well as showcasing the incredible art by HE Creative, we’ll be hosting discussions and opening up the conversation around NFTs and alternative culture.”

“We see the expansive world of NFT and crypto going hand-in-hand with alternative culture, it’s a natural fit. Many diverse communities are now finding like-minded people on the blockchain, just as the early days of the internet offered a space for alternative culture to thrive. It’s a really exciting time and we want to celebrate the community and show off some cool art together!”

NFT: Non fungible token – NFTs are ways of owning non-interchangeable and unique digital goods, including art, photos, audio and other digital assets.

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