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Launch of new investment platform aims to raise £10m a year for growth businesses

16th Aug 21 12:25 pm

The Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA), in conjunction with Capital Pilot, has launched an investment platform for new growth businesses looking to attract fund investors. In its first year the platform, branded Curated Capital, is targeting £10m of investment to be made available to over 100 of the country’s brightest growth businesses.

The platform leverages the intelligent assessment analysis of Capital Pilot, which undertakes the initial review of the opportunity and provides a scoring methodology for potential investors, saving time and early stage due diligence.

Members of the EISA, many of which are FCA regulated investment funds benefiting from the Enterprise Investment Scheme, will as a result of the platform have sight of a wider list of opportunities, and investee businesses will no longer need to approach funds individually. Simply, Curated Capital will match the most investable start-ups with the best investor funds.

The Capital Pilot tool is a market leading investability rating agency that combines human research, proven analytics and sophisticated algorithms to produce a comprehensive assessment of a company’s readiness for investment.

The EISA is the membership organisation dedicated to the promotion of the tax efficient Enterprise Investment and Seed Investment Schemes benefiting investors with a willingness to invest in early stage businesses, and providing equity investment to promising businesses, which otherwise would potentially have no access either to private investment or traditional debt.

Commenting on the launch of Curated Capital, Mark Brownridge, Director General of the EISA said, “Doing some of the assessment heavy lifting for members means that not only do they now have the bandwidth to look at all relevant opportunities, but at the same time, through the use of the Capital Pilot model, they can quickly see if the sector and risk levels meet their objectives. We are looking to generate a further £10m a year for over 100 businesses to help fuel the county’s growth agenda.”

Richard Blakesley, founder and CEO of Capital Pilot added, “The model that we have built in Capital Pilot enables us to undertake a detailed review to see whether businesses looking for funds are investment ready. Through Curated Capital, we hope to see more businesses realise the investment they need to grow.”

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