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Meet the tech firm aiming to make investment accessible to millions

by LLT Editor
25th Feb 22 9:29 am

Pello Capital, the intelligent and transparent investment company, has announced the launch of the Pello Talent, a community of high-profile individuals who will help to educate and make investment accessible to millions. The scheme has been pioneered by Pello Capital and Entrepreneur and founder of Strawberries & Cream festival, Chris Jammer.

In an unprecedented move, Pello Capital has given the community company shares totalling 1% of the hugely successful investment bank to help attract the best possible talent to engage and educate individuals who wouldn’t usually consider or believe they can access investment opportunities.

Pello Talent gives a voice in financial services to over 2 million followers of the “Talent” members in a crowded and archaic industry. The launch is an important milestone in investment banking and aims to promote transparency, inclusion and education throughout the financial services industry.

Pello Capital started as an ideal. In an industry focused more on profit margins than community the founders felt lost. There was no brand that championed consumer outcomes and engagement whilst offering the efficiency and experience of a tech company with the warmth and service of a traditional brokerage. With this goal at the foundation of the business, Pello Capital was launched in 2017.

Pello bridges technology and customer services to provide investment solutions to everyone from an inexperienced individual who’s never invested to big banks. The investment company treat each customer as an individual to ensure they understand specific investment needs.

Daniel Gee, MD at Pello Capital, commented, “Along with intelligent and transparent investment solutions, community is at the core of Pello Capital and I am so proud and delighted to be able to announce the launch of Pello Talent. This is our chance to change the focus of financial services away from tradition, to a generation of successful young men and women.

From charity initiatives to exclusive branded clothing drops Pello is breaking the mould of financial services. Everyone is invited and everyone has a voice.”

Chris Jammer, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Cambridge Club, added, “Pello Talent aims to make millions of young people across the UK aware of investment opportunities and empower them with the education and knowledge needed to access financial services that have always been perceived as exclusive.

I am proud to be involved in this important initiative and am looking forward to working with the inspirational team at Pello.”

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