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Meta releases prototypes of its Llama 3 AI model

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
19th Apr 24 10:02 am

Meta Platforms has unveiled a prototype of its newest major language model, Llama 3, alongside an innovative image generator capable of updating visuals in real-time as users input prompts.

The model aims to compete in the generative AI market where OpenAi dominates.

These latest models are critical to Meta AI, which currently appears to be the most advanced free-to-use AI.

Meta AI will be incorporated into all Meta products, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Besides, Meta AI will have a dedicated website, exposing it to compete directly with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT. In its commitment to penetrate the AI market, Meta aims to introduce more generative AI tools and reconstruct its computing infrastructure by bringing together its product teams.

The Llama 3 has advanced coding abilities and can process texts and image data. However, it will begin by producing textual outputs and later include graphics after successful trials.

According to Meta’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, future Llama 3 models, which are set for release sooner, have advanced reasoning abilities and could develop complex plans. He further said they updated the models to ease users’ lives by handling several tasks like planning trips. Adding the aspect of imaging in Llama 3’s training will enable Meta AI to analyze objects seen through glasses and provide desired information for users.

Meta has boldly declared its intentions to develop and expand its AI product by leveraging existing players. It reached out to Microsoft’s Bing and Google for a partnership that allowed the integration of real-time results into its AI assistant. Also, Meta AI assistant is targeting several markets in the U.S. while eying European markets’ expansion, which slowed down due to privacy policy issues.

Meta Suites CEO Mark Zuckerberg, while showcasing Llama 3 performance indicators and parameters, recognized it as the most advanced and reliable AI assistant for free use. The release of Llama 3 and its free commercial use experience show Meta’s commitment to establishing its space in the AI market by taking competitors head-on.

Like Google, which had challenges with its Gemini AI due to inaccuracies in image generation, Meta had its challenges. However, it has addressed these issues by training Llama 3 with high-quality data and optics to strengthen its coding abilities. Despite these improvements, Meta maintained a consistent approach to data sourcing for its models. It’s too early to predict how Llama 3 will disrupt the AI industry, but it shows a lot of potential.

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