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Microsoft’s AI-driven innovations propel its path to a $10 trillion market cap by 2035

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
29th May 24 12:31 pm

Microsoft’s ambitious AI-driven innovations will drive its market cap to $10 trillion by 2035 from the current $2.3 trillion.

Its latest product, the Copilot+PC, would change the markets in its favor as it lines up the top manufacturer brands.

Copilot+PC is an AI-driven Windows PC lineup integrated into models from top manufacturers such as  Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Samsung, and Lenovo. The latest product is expected to reach the market by June 18, although it was launched on May 20.

Microsoft’s commitment to AI-driven growth is evident in its financial performance, with increasing adoption of AI tools across its platforms. Notably, GitHub Copilot experienced a 35% quarter-over-quarter surge in paid subscribers, reaching 1.8 million.

Microsoft’s strategy is around AI

Microsoft has taken steps to leverage AI in its services. Their first interaction with AI was when they developed Azure, a Microsoft cloud computing service. Azure was a step in anchoring AI since it is the backbone of many of its AI capabilities. Azure infrastructure enables machine learning, cognitive services, and advanced analytics, giving Microsoft the needed intelligent solution.

Microsoft’s AI strategy has significantly enhanced its flagship products, such as Office 365 and Windows, through AI. For instance, Office 365 rebranded to Microsoft 365 and now has AI-powered features, including intelligent writing assistance in Word, data insights in Excel, and advanced scheduling in Outlook. These features are critical in streamlining workflow and boosting efficiency and user experience.

Copilot+PC is a game changer

Microsoft recently announced that Copilot, its AI assistant for Microsoft 365 apps, is now available on around 225 million Windows 10 and 11 computers. This is twice the number of users compared to the previous quarter.

Copilot+PCs are currently the fastest and most efficient window PCs in the market. The machines can perform over 40 trillion operations per second, have durable battery life, and give users the best AI models.

Among the notable features, Copilot+PC remembers content on your PC, has an image co-creator, and has live captions that can translate audio to up to 40 languages. Introducing computers powered by AI is a significant advancement in the tech world. It boosts the need for special AI chips and opens up opportunities for developers and tech companies. Microsoft talked about various AI speed-up tools during its earnings call, like the ones from Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices, and Microsoft’s technology.

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