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Mirada Medical sees record year as it helps fight COVID-19 backlog

by Tech Reporter
14th Jun 21 2:45 pm

Mirada Medical, the leading international brand in cancer treatment software, has seen record growth over the last 12 months as it closes in on treating 25,000 patients globally. Since March 2020, Mirada has seen 50% growth in healthcare organisations using its DLCExpert™ and Embrace technology. This marks an important milestone in Mirada’s mission to accelerate cancer care and help clinicians across the world reduce treatment times and deliver better outcomes for more patients.

Backed by Albion Ventures and Apposite Capital, the AI pioneer has also more than doubled year to date subscription revenues and has seen an increase of 92% in contracted  AI patient volumes over the last 12 months.

NHS recognition

As part of this substantial growth, Mirada Medical was also selected for two AI in Health and Care Awards from the NHS, cementing its position as a UK leader in AI-powered medical technology. The award also saw Mirada granted funding to introduce and validate its DLCExpert technology within the NHS, getting it into the hands of frontline staff faster.  These projects will highlight the clinical and technical feasibility of using AI to accelerate radiotherapy treatment plans for cancer patients.

Mirada Medical has also been recognised by Lord Bethell, Minister for Innovation. In a series of Tweets about the NHS AI in Health and Care Awards, the Minister specifically called out Mirada’s AI-powered, DLCExpert technology. He also highlighted Mirada’s work in evidencing how AI reduces the treatment time for cancer patients, as well as ensuring a consistent standard of care.

In addition to its worth with the NHS, Mirada Medial was recognised as one of the UK’s top 100 UK digital healthcare companies by the Department for International Trade (DIT). Mirada was included in the DIT’s prestigious ‘First 100 Playbook’ in recognition of its work driving digital innovation across image diagnostics and treatment planning services.

Performance improvements to DLC structures for Breast and H&N

In order to continue delivering exceptional results, new DLCExpert treatment planning structures are continuously being added to Mirada’s library, that are contoured according to consensus guidelines, such as ESTRO and RTOG. The past year saw major updates for Head & Neck and Breast, adding over 35 new DLC structures to its growing library. These included the Brachial Plexus, Brain, Cochleas, IAMs, Lacrimals, Larynx, Lips, Orbits and Trachea, for H&N well as the level 1-4 axillary lymph nodes and interpectoral nodes for Breast.

Mirada also has many exciting developments in the pipeline for this year, including new models for both CT and MR data. Mirada has also recently introduced a new service update, Workflow Box 2.6, which includes configuration and workflow improvements as well as incorporating contouring improvements.

The contouring improvements that have been made were in direct response to customer feedback, so both existing and potential customers will benefit. Improvements include better configuration, workflow prioritisation and data routing improvements.

Hugh Bettesworth, CEO of Mirada Medical said “Digital technology and AI have the power to solve many of today’s healthcare problems, especially in the wake of COVID-19 which has created an unprecedented backlog in demand for cancer care services. By harnessing the power of companies like Mirada, we can give oncologists and their clinical teams the ability to deliver better care to more patients, improving cancer outcomes in the UK and worldwide. I am extremely proud of the contribution that Mirada’s team have continued to make over the past twelve months and our significant growth over the last year is evidence that our solutions are genuinely making a difference.’

About Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical develops medical imaging and AI powered automation software applications that provide simple and accessible solutions to complex image analysis problems in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases. Through automation, our products improve consistency and productivity while enabling clinicians to deliver more personalized care. By combining deep learning technology with a thorough understanding of the challenges faced in oncology today, Mirada is leading the development of next generation imaging software and decision support products.

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