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‘Musk is copying Conor McGregor playbook after advertiser tirade’, odds reveal 6/4 chance of him selling X

by Tech Reporter
1st Dec 23 6:40 am

Body language expert reveals tech billionaire is showing his anger and defiance in foul-mouthed rant at companies pulling their money from his platform.

Elon Musk is copying cage-fighting superstar Conor McGregor to show he will not be intimidated by companies boycotting advertising on X, the platform formerly known at Twitter.

Musk launched a furious tirade against those deciding to pull their money from his social media platform – and body language expert Darren Stanton studied the interview to see if the billionaire was starting to feel the pressure.

Instead, Stanton found a person prepared to stand up for the fight and refuse to be cowed by big business.

Speaking on behalf of trading platform AltIndex.com, Stanton said: “One of the gestures he makes is the chin thrust. A chin thrust is a sign of defiance, a sign that he makes to intimidate and undermine a person, or to demonstrate a person is angry.

“The most prominent other figure who does this gesture is Conor McGregor, the cage fighter. He will do a chin thrust, and it’s basically a combination of anger and defiance. That’s the emotion that Elon Musk is feeling.

“He is not showing signs that he is in trouble. He has got the resources – he can wrap it today and he will not be hit in terms of his wealth. He is saying ‘it’s my way or the highway’, if you don’t want to advertise it then don’t.

“He is telling them ‘If X goes belly up, you’ll have the world on your back’. He’s indifferent to the advertisers. He comes from a position of sheer anger and defiance, hence why he swore. He doesn’t tend to swear a lot, so that makes it even more powerful.

“He doesn’t appear frustrated or intimidated. He is telling the advertisers they will feel the consequences if X goes bust.”

Latest odds according to AltIndex.com

Elon Musk to sell X in 2024 – 6/4

X to go out of business in 2024 – 10/1

An AltIndex.com spokesperson said: “Elon Musk has a history of bold and outlandish statements, but even so this one is more confrontational than normal.

“Ultimately in big business money talks, and even someone of Musk’s wealth will bit hit if advertisers withdraw their cash.”

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