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“Numbers as art”: artists’ launch NFTs portraying each work’s price

by LLT Editor
17th Dec 21 7:27 am

Art Value, a multi-year art project, seeking to reestablish how art is created and distributed, has launched a blockchain-based online marketplace, selling Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art. The project combines digital art with physical experience to explore values of numbers, as artworks depict their exact monetary value.

The project is based around the distinctive idea—numbers as art—as it explores the art and economic factors in the realms of artistic creation. The artwork’s price becomes the subject matter of the piece, making each work one of a kind. Blockchain technology is used to secure the market as well as generate unique artworks.

The idea is supported by a team of experts, seeking to democratize the art world using blockchain. The Art Value project was founded by the artist Das Vegas, based on his unique concept of portraying an artworks’ price as its content.

“The Art Value project examines the value of art in relation to economic circumstances. One use case is that the owner of a number is able to immediately showcase his investment through displaying it on a mobile screen or exposing the value of the NFT number in his home,” said Das Vegas at his latest solo exhibition where digital NFT artworks were exhibited.

According to the artist, the Art Value project is challenging the concept of value through money and art, aiming to reshape today’s standards for artists.

“The vision is to set up a bright future for art by creating a golden standard for its creation and production, art financing, and profitability,” the artist noted. “I believe the project could become a driving force in the art world, fueling innovation and unique user experiences through the synergy of art and economy.”

Owners of NFT numbers, acquired through the Art Value platform, will later get the opportunity to modify the content into more artistic forms, add new designs as well as trade artworks with other NFT owners—all in virtual reality.

“We are working on creating unique design experiences in virtual reality where users turn numbers into digital artworks. This unique ‘Art Value Experience’ brings shadow art to the NFT art creation. Furthermore, by commissioning various artists, these numbers could later embody a physical form of art or design,” the artist explained.

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