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Nvidia, Microsoft and Apple race to a $4 trillion market cap

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
26th Jun 24 10:14 am

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) are the undisputed leaders in the stock market, powered by advancements in artificial intelligence.

Nvidia’s remarkable rise over the past 18 months briefly saw it surpass both Microsoft and Apple in market value, illustrating the impact of AI on these tech giants.

At the latest market close, Microsoft holds the top spot with a market cap of $3.34 trillion, followed by Apple at $3.18 trillion and Nvidia at $3.11 trillion. As they approach the $4 trillion milestone, the competition to reach it first intensifies.

Nvidia’s AI-fueled surge

The demand for its AI chips has remarkably fueled Nvidia’s financial success. Despite supply constraints, The company has increased prices due to interest from major tech firms.

In Q1, Nvidia reported revenue of $26 billion, marking a 262% year-over-year increase. Nvidia’s profit margin rose by 13.8 percentage points to 78.4%, leading to a 629% surge in earnings per share (EPS).

Looking ahead, Nvidia anticipates second-quarter revenue of $28 billion, accompanied by a gross margin of 74.8%, indicating a solid performance trajectory. In the short term, the company is poised to benefit from increased AI data center investments from industry players like Microsoft, Meta Platforms, and Tesla.

However, Nvidia’s long-term prospects appear uncertain. The company heavily relies on a few clients, with one contributing to 13% of direct sales and another accounting for 19% of total revenue. Should these clients, including tech giants like Microsoft and Meta Platforms, develop their AI chips, Nvidia’s future sales could be negatively impacted.

Microsoft’s steadfast position

Microsoft has consistently been one of the world’s largest companies, adapting to technological shifts over the decades. Its early investment in OpenAI has reinforced its leadership in the AI space.

By integrating OpenAI’s models with its Azure cloud-computing platform, Microsoft has become a preferred choice among developers. Azure OpenAI Service has contributed to boosting cloud computing revenue by 31% year over year, with AI services contributing 7 points to this growth.

Microsoft’s Copilot feature, powered by OpenAI, has attracted over 1.8 million paying users, growing 35% quarter over quarter. With over 400 million paid Office 365 subscriptions, Microsoft boasts a user base for AI functionalities.

Microsoft’s revenue foundation is solid, and a major player in enterprise software and cloud computing. Its investments in Azure data centers position it well to address the increasing demand for AI processing power, positioning it to reach a $4 trillion market valuation.

Apple’s AI ambitions

Apple showcased its AI advancements at its recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), promising significant innovations.

Apple has seamlessly integrated new AI capabilities into its devices, enhancing functionalities like Siri and workflow efficiency. The company has also integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT without sharing user data, and it plans to expand this feature with new partners.

The newest AI advancements will only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and upcoming models, which could increase the number of upgrades. Currently, most iPhone users do not own a compatible device, suggesting a potential market for upgrades.

While a massive upgrade cycle might not happen immediately, the new AI features could boost sales and average selling prices over several years. A larger-than-expected upgrade cycle could propel Apple’s market cap to $4 trillion.

While we may not see a surge in the upgrade cycle immediately, introducing these AI features could drive sales and boost average selling prices over the coming years. Apple’s market value could reach $4 trillion if there is a larger-than-expected wave of upgrades.

Who will hit $4 trillion first?

The chances of Microsoft reaching the $4 trillion milestone first are high. Its dominant position in enterprise software and strong AI integration through its partnership with OpenAI provide a substantial growth runway.

However, Nvidia or Apple could also reach $4 trillion faster with exceptional short-term results. Nvidia’s near-term outlook is strong despite long-term uncertainties, while Apple’s stability and potential for a significant upgrade cycle make it a strong contender.

Both Microsoft and Apple are sound investments, while Nvidia presents more risk due to its customer concentration and high valuation. The race to $4 trillion is on, and each of these AI-driven titans has a compelling case for leading the charge.

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