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One on six firms almost went under as a direct result of a cyberattack

by Sam Kayum tech journalist
8th Jun 21 2:00 pm

The global cyber security and GDPR compliance platform, Naq Cyber, warns that cyber-attacks are going to be fatal for thousands of businesses in the UK this year as one in six business owners stated that they almost had to shut their doors due to the severity and impact of the attack on their business.

Millions of businesses have moved online since the pandemic started and have also moved to remote working meaning that not only are attacks more likely but also businesses are open to huge fines for lack of GDPR compliance. Even, more concerningly, only 10% of UK firms are actually covered for the threat of posed by hackers online and 80% of small businesses in the UK think they aren’t of interest to cyber criminals and don’t believe they need to protect their businesses.

Nadia Kadhim, CEO at Naq Cyber, commented, “UK businesses cannot afford to ignore cyber-attacks or simply regard it as an IT problem. Any business who has clients, employees or suppliers and especially if they have an online solution possess a wealth of personal information that is open to attack and if not protected could be fatal for smaller business or at least invite huge GDPR compliance fines. Criminals are taking advantage of increased security vulnerabilities to steal data, generate profits and cause disruption.”

The cyber experts at Naq Cyber have launched a one stop platform for small businesses to easily manage their cyber security and legal compliance essentially a small business information security officer.

Nadia Kadhim, added, “It is critical that small businesses start taking this seriously and consider investing in ongoing protection and advice in the same way they would hire an accountant to manage their accounts.

Keeping your data secure and compliant has never been more important and any busy who is concerned should get in touch with us.”

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