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Paradigm.eth’s $1.5 million sale makes it the most expensive crypto domain ever

4th Jul 23 12:19 pm

Today, investors seek unconventional investment opportunities to diversify their portfolios and hedge against inflation. Well, crypto domains fit what these investors are looking for.

Crypto domains are simple web3 addresses built on blockchain tech to make crypto transactions easy. They have become incredibly popular and are the incoming giants to watch out for in the crypto world.

According to Stockapps.com, the paradigm.eth is the most expensive crypto domain ever, sold for $1.5M (420 ETH). 

The site’s financial analyst Edith Reads comments,” Crypto domains have garnered massive traction in the crypto community. Unstoppable domains and ENS domains are taking much popularity. The sale of crypto domains like Paradigm. eth is only the beginning of a bright crypto future.”

The sale overview of crypto domains 

ENS domains have made quite a statement in the crypto space. Ethereum domains have been at the top of the leaders’ board for the last five years. Paradigm.eth became the most expensive crypto domain after selling for $ 1.5 million.

000. eth comes in second at $0.32 million, followed closely by abc. eth sold for $0.25 million. “000. eth” and “abc. eth” are the only three character domains in the top 10 list for most expensive domains; longer ENS domains took all the other spots.

Ethereum’s rival, the Unstoppable Domains, has business crypto as their most expensive domain, at $ 0.12 million, $ 1.38 million less the sale of paradigm.eth.

Business crypto was followed by two adult-themed domains amounting to a sale of $ 0.16 million. However, none of the unstoppable domains reached the top 10 most expensive domains.

Are crypto domains worth buying?

Blockchain domains are considerable investments worth anyone’s time and money. Crypto Domains are easier to remember than long codes and character strings. Giving a domain name to your crypto wallets makes it so much easier to receive crypto assets and send them as well. In the long run, you can keep track of crypto getting in and out.

Once bought, crypto domains are valuable assets that you can keep to sell much later on at higher prices earning yourself more digital assets. Thus, buying crypto domains is a wise investment one should consider.

Buying crypto domains is buying more than just a name. Blockchain domains build trust and credibility among crypto partners. With crypto domains, your partners acknowledge they can trust you; hence, crypto transfers are much easier.

Crypto domains have changed how crypto transactions are made by infusing user friendliness and trust into the picture.

They have made crypto transfers easier, paving a clear future for crypto as technology advances. Crypto domains will likely dominate the crypto market as more investors are lured to it.

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