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Russian based group hacks British Airways, BBC and boots with bank details and personal data stolen

by Tech Reporter
5th Jun 23 2:40 pm

British Airways has confirmed on Monday a Russian based group has accessed and stolen data and bank details of the workers.

Zellis who are UK based payroll company also confirmed today that eight of their clients were affected by the cyber data breach, according to the Telegraph, the hacking has been linked to a Russia-based group.

British Airways employs 34,000 staff have all been informed over the “cyber security incident which has led to the disclosure of personal information about colleagues paid through British Airways’ payroll in the UK and Ireland.”

The BBC issued a statement via a spokesperson confirming their data was accessed via Zellis. They said: “We are aware of a data breach at our third party supplier, Zellis, and are working closely with them as they urgently investigate the extent of the breach.

“We take data security extremely seriously and are following the established reporting procedures.”

Boots contacted their employees to inform them that their first lines of the home address, national insurance numbers and names have been accessed.

A spokesman for Zellis who also provides services to Jaguar Land Rover and the NHS said, “We can confirm that a small number of our customers have been impacted by this global issue and we are actively working to support them.

“All Zellis-owned software is unaffected and there are no associated incidents or compromises to any other part of our IT estate.

“Once we became aware of this incident we took immediate action, disconnecting the server that utilises MOVEit software and engaging an expert external security incident response team to assist with forensic analysis and ongoing monitoring.

“We have also notified the ICO, DPC, and the NCSC in both the UK and Ireland.

“We employ robust security processes across all of our services and they all continue to run as normal.”

Emma Whitmore, Group Vice President, EMEA at Edgio told LondonLovesTech.com, “Cyberattacks can happen at any time, often without warning. British Airways and Boots’ breach demonstrates that no organisation is safe from the threat cybercriminals pose and adequate security solutions are an absolute necessity in today’s climate.

“Organisations need full 360-degree visibility into all traffic across their network to detect security exploits – and they need the right solutions in place to help them respond quickly.

“They must be aware of their current security posture – identifying attack vectors and employing security solutions to resolve any vulnerabilities or other risks to the business.

“This will include understanding security best practices and the latest standards and regulations related to their online business.

“With the increase in exploits, organisations must also ensure their security solution provides the ability to make critical decisions fast to prevent any downtime. With the correct approach to cybersecurity, brands can ensure their services run smoothly.”

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