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Scam project claiming to use AI bobs users of $1 million

by Tech Reporter
21st Mar 23 1:47 pm

The project Harvest Keeper, which claimed to be an “AI-based” decentralized app, took $933,000 of users’ assets in a scam, CoinTelegraph revealed.

AI started trending after ChatGPT demonstrated its impressive capabilities, and scammers were quick to take advantage. Blockchain security platform CertiK confirmed that Harvest Keeper was a scam and stole the above amount.

Users also lost $200K to ice phishing

What’s more, users lost another $219,000 to ice phishing attacks on Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain. Ice phishing is a type of attack that only happens in Web3. A user is deceived and signs permissions, letting a malicious entity spend their tokens.

CertiK urged users to revoke any permissions granted to Harvest Keeper and to stop interacting with the platform.

What is Harvest Keeper?

Harvest Keeper promised an 8% referral reward and a 101% return on investment within three weeks on its official website. It claimed to be an AI project optimizing the trading process in the name of the highest possible payout. It also promised to generate a 4.81% return on deposits.

Harvest Keeper is one of many “projects” riding the coattails of ChatGPT hype. It has more than 30,000 followers on Telegram and almost that many on Twitter.

No end to the trend – and the scams – in sight

Multiple accounts claiming to be related to the AI program emerged on Twitter. The project CryptoGPT was trending about ten days ago with a hashtag on the social medium and a few similar accounts appeared with it, some of which advertised fraudulent giveaways.

Twitter is plagued by accounts with a similar name. Many of those offering airdrops are also believed to be fake.

Does human intelligence have a future?

The latest version of ChatGPT can audit smart contracts on Ethereum, leading some developers to express concern that it might replace them someday. Most blockchain developers who attended the recent event ETHDubai were of the opinion that the new version of the popular AI tool would help, not replace them.

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