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Sustainable Neobank Green-Got launches green banking feature in France

by Sam Kayum tech journalist
20th Jun 22 10:14 am

In collaboration with climate engagement provider ecolytiq, sustainable neobank Green-Got has launched their digital green banking app.

This partnership offers Green-Got customers a new kind of banking experience, one in which money goes towards a better future as customers discover new ways of taking climate action. Green-Got has integrated the ecolytiq Sustainability-as-a-Service® solution into its digital banking app, empowering customers with state-of-the-art climate metrics personalised to them.

With a waitlist of over 25,000 customers, Green-Got is now live and in the process of onboarding its ever-growing list of customers.

The ecolytiq solution shows Green-Got customers the environmental impact of their purchases in real time based on the open-sourced methodologies from the Organisation for Sustainable Consumption. With the Green-Got digital banking app, consumers are given a new level of transparency with the carbon currency behind each purchase, helping them to use their money more consciously.

In addition to learning more about their individual environmental impact, customers will also receive insights that contextualise their environmental footprint by providing them easy-to-understand tips & tricks that inspire behavioural change. By educating and nudging bank customers, ecolytiq and Green-Got are scaling climate action and making it accessible to all.

“Green-Got’s mission to rethink what banking means, especially in relation to the environment, is one that we also hold very dear,” said ecolytiq co-founder, Ulrich Pietsch. “Partnering with Green-Got shows that consumers can and should expect more from their banking experiences as they begin to see their banks in a new light. We couldn’t be happier to help Green-Got accomplish that goal.”

Green-Got was founded on the idea that banking should be a force for good. Transparency is at the heart of this digital-first bank founded in 2020. By ensuring that not one euro is invested into polluting industries, like fossil fuels, Green-Got customers rest easy knowing that their money is aligned with their values. For every card payment made by a Green-Got account, a commission paid by the seller goes towards environmental projects, including forest conservation, ocean cleanup efforts and clean energy development. In addition, Green-Got invests their customers’ money from saving accounts sustainably into the main pillars of the ecological transition. Furthermore, a carbon emissions

calculator available in the Green-Got app allows customers to track emissions associated with their daily expenses, making them more aware of the carbon footprint associated with their spending habits.

In partnering with ecolytiq on transaction-based impact calculations, Green-Got actively involves their customers in everyday climate action by educating and inspiring them with the knowledge and tools to make a difference every time they use their banking app.

Andrea Ganovelli, Co-Founder of Green-Got, explains that sustainability is at the core of Green-Got, said, “Green-Got was born out of the realisation that investments should be redirected towards projects that protect the environment, not degrade it. We wanted to be able to use our money and savings to fund the fight against global warming and adaptation to its effects that are already here. Our transition needs more money, and we are an entire generation wishing for it to happen.”

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