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The new formula for sustainable secondhand selling

by Tech Reporter
15th Jun 21 1:26 pm

Have you ever laid in your bed at night wondering how you can make money just from buying and selling items that you no longer need? Take a look around you and try to identify at least 10 items you no longer use or need, then imagine how much money you could make from selling those items to someone who would find new life in them.

Go a bit further and imagine putting a collection together of pieces that you like from other people’s collections, inspiring a sale and then making your money that way…sounds a good investment of time? Well now you can turn that investment of time into real money and get earning by buying, selling or curating pieces with Farly, a new London based, online tech marketplace which encourages users earn money from buying, selling or simply curating sustainable, secondhand or vintage goods.

Users have the option to create their shop window to sell their own items or they can curate pieces from other stylists/trendsetters on the site and add those items into their own windows, promote their window and earn money, just like that if they inspire a sale.

Farly is a bit like Pinterest, but shoppable; a bit like Vinted but more curated. Farly is simple to use, fun and easy to navigate and enables users to design their own windows by quickly uploading images and then using an integrated editing tool to crop, clip and tweak their windows before publishing. Featuring an inbuilt click-to-buy check-out, profile to profile messaging, product search, an inventory and a shoppable newsfeed.

With little effort and an opportunity to make easy money, now is the time to decide which of your items are staying or going on your shop window, so seize the moment and get merchandising!

Users who sign up and open their store window before Farly’s official launch in September can benefit from paying no seller fees from now until September 2021.

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