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The world’s first platform uniting crypto and cash has been launched

by LLT Editor
8th Mar 22 11:55 am

The world’s first fintech platform uniting cash and crypto has been unveiled by Banxe Ltd, unlocking financial potential by giving its users the power to pay with crypto as simply as traditional payment methods.

The Banxe Platform is the unique platform that allows its users to pay, receive, trade, and transfer with both cash and crypto seamlessly and simply switch between the two regardless of location or currency.

Utilising the latest blockchain, AI, and cybersecurity technologies, Banxe is partnered with High street banks as well as renowned exchanges, and supports all Anti Money Laundering (AML) and regulatory requirements.

Anthony DiMarsico, CEO of Banxe, said: “Our goal was to enable everyone to unlock their financial potential, by providing economic benefits by uniting cash and crypto currencies, transforming the digital finance experience”.

“With the Banxe Platform everyday expenses such as groceries, transport, fuel and flights can be paid for with either cash or crypto, with one account and one debit card, regardless of geographical boundaries or currencies, safely and securely. The true power of choice in how we pay, and exchange money, is now upon us.”

A major barrier to the wide adoption of cryptocurrency has traditionally been a lack of understanding of how it works, worsened by convoluted terminologies and technologies.

Banxe is simplifying the crypto currencies to democratise digital payments, removing the need for other crypto wallets and accounts.

DiMarsico added: “We believe digital currencies should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, not just those in the know. Banxe was created with simplicity in mind.

“With Banxe crypto trading services can be utilised with just a few clicks, on one platform, giving people complete control as to how they simultaneously manage their crypto and traditional finances.”

Banxe’s client’s funds are stored in secure, segregated bank accounts to ensure safety from fraud and other risks. The primary purpose of such safeguarded accounts is to block access by third parties in any circumstance.

The Banxe Platform is a centralised and branch-free fintech solution. It is available in the UK and Europe, and is set to launch in Canada this year before it will be rolled out in US, Asia, and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries later.

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