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Twitter twist: Elon Musk could walk away from mega deal

by LLT Editor
7th Jun 22 9:43 am

Ever since it emerged one of Twitter’s most famous tweeters had snapped up a chunk of the company, market watchers have been enthralled. There have been more twists and turns in this takeover bid than your average soap opera and each story line seems a little more farfetched than the last.

However, this latest plot twist has been well signposted, the only surprise today is that the story is being played out via traditional channels rather than on the platform at the centre of things.

Danni Hewson, AJ Bell financial analyst, said: “There’s plenty for lawyers to scrap over and at the moment no one would be wise to bet on the ultimate outcome but it’s clear Elon Musk has fallen a little out of love with the idea of owning the platform he described as important to the future of civilisation just a few short months ago. As for Twitter shareholders, they’ve been on the kind of ride Mr Musk’s rocket crew might enjoy but many will be feeling a little travel sick about now and calls of ‘are we there yet’ aren’t just being uttered in jest.”

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