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UK investment platform Shojin announces international partnerships with Linus and Reinvest24

by Tech Reporter
7th Aug 23 1:16 pm

FCA-regulated investment platform Shojin has entered into partnerships with LINUS Digital Finance, a German real estate investment platform, and Reinvest24, an Estonian real estate crowdfunding platform.

London-based Shojin offers a co-investment model to allow individuals to invest in real estate assets, including institutional-grade property development projects.

Founded in 2016, Berlin-based LINUS also harnesses technology and real estate expertise to give investors access to high-quality co-investment opportunities. Shojin is now listing one of LINUS’s opportunities on its platform: the Oakley Square development in Camden, London.

Shojin and LINUS are aligned in the ways they select projects, conduct due diligence and manage their co-investment model. This means that, with minimal friction, each company’s projects can be listed on the other’s platform when future opportunities arise.

Meanwhile, Reinvest24 is now listing some of Shojin’s opportunities for its own platform, allowing European investors to access UK real estate investment opportunities. Both Shojin and Reinvest24 are members of the Association of Real Estate Investment Platforms (AREIP), a trade association striving to build investor trust by standardising practices and championing transparency.

Shojin’s partnership with Reinvest24 will spark international investment into UK real estate development, fuelling housebuilding. In July, Reinvest24 listed Shojin’s Westbrook Mills project – a development in Surrey – on its site, raising the first tranche of funding in less than a week.

Jatin Ondhia, CEO of Shojin, said: “We are delighted to be working with LINUS and Reinvest24. Fundamentally we all believe in democratising exciting, institutional-grade real estate investment opportunities through technology and the co-investment model.

“These partnerships demonstrate that the digital property investment sector is maturing, with collaborations between platforms helping to consolidate market opportunities. This in turn provides greater stability for investors, a greater variety of global opportunities, and greater liquidity by driving up the number of people participating in the market. We are excited to be driving this progress.”

Lukas Endl, COO of LINUS, added: “LINUS is well known among private and institutional investors in Germany for its real estate expertise and market access. We are happy that in Shojin, we have found a like-minded partner in the UK with a strong track record that can help us grow outside our core market. The success of this initial investment opportunity highlights the strategic fit between the two platforms. We look forward to working with Shojin on a range of opportunities in the future.”

Tanel Orro, CEO of Reinvest 24, said: “Through our new strategic partnership with Shojin Property Partner, we are confident to bring institutional-grade real estate investment opportunities from the UK market to European investors.”

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