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Voxloud lands in the UK and it is ready to revolutionise the market

by Tech Reporter
17th May 21 9:05 am

Voxloud is the company that has innovated the Italian telecommunications market with the first cloud business phone system for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is up and running in just 59 seconds.

Voxloud is ready for a new adventure: to land on the English market and revolutionise the telecommunications sector.

The cloud business phone system has been successfully used by more than 1,000 entrepreneurs of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises. It is now available in the United Kingdom to support companies in the process of digitization and simplification of smart working. An objective that the company wants to achieve by pursuing the same mission that guided it since its foundation in 2015: making the cloud business phone system more accessible and user friendly for small and medium-sized enterprises around the world.

The arrival in the English market is part of Voxloud’s expansion strategy and is the consequence of the company’s incessant growth: in fact, 2020 was a year of great satisfaction that saw Voxloud grow its turnover by over 100% compared to the previous year, while the number of employees more than doubled in just one year, from an international team of 20 professionals to over 40 today.

The growth plan sees the United Kingdom as the first of the countries (in addition to the Italian market, which remains of strategic importance) in which the company will offer its own cloud business phone system with the aim of supporting SMEs in the adoption of technologies that are increasingly central to the improvement of business organization and their productivity.

In fact, after years of success in Italy, Voxoud’s cloud business phone system solution has reached a level of structural and functional maturity such as to be able to compete with the biggest giants in the unified communications sector on an international level. Features such as video calls, call recording, countless integrations and proprietary hardware create a real Voxloud ecosystem which, thanks to the extreme attention to design and focus on the user, makes the switchboard experience complete at 360 °.

The UK market represents a great opportunity for Voxloud to lay the foundations for that revolution in the unified communications market that is already underway in Italy, where the large telephone operators dictate the law and offer entrepreneurs few solutions regarding switchboards.

Voxloud has the ambition to offer a service, such as the cloud business phone system that is really simple and effective to use for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, without being subject to limits and constraints both in price and in configuration, as is often the case in the sector.

“We are excited about this new and ambitious goal” says Leonardo Coppola, CEO and co-founder of Voxloud together with partner Gabriele Proni (CTO of Voxloud). “This is a challenge that marks a turning point for Voxloud, which is increasingly becoming an international company capable of competing with the largest and most renowned players in the sector worldwide. We are convinced that telecommunications is one of the markets which technological innovation can help companies around the world to do better, do more and do it easily. This is our mission and our revolution that we want to bring, from today, also to the United Kingdom with our cloud Cloud Phone System”.

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