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YouTube food stars bringing inspiring, accessible food to dinner tables

by Tech Reporter
1st Jun 21 10:28 am

SORTEDfood is a social media movement dedicated to cooking. Founded with the mission to empower people with the passion, knowledge, skills and tools so that they can confidently cook with whatever they have available, whilst having fun along the way. Started by four school friends in 2010, it has grown to be the world’s largest online food community with over 2.5 million YouTube subscribers and a paid membership option that has grown 300% in the last year alone.

With the aim of making delicious and stress-free food accessible to everyone, whilst helping to reduce food waste and save money, SORTEDfood creates inspiring content for its community around the world no matter what their skill level or budget. The concept began when after starting university three of the founders realised they couldn’t cook, fortunately the fourth was training to be a chef and helped by sharing recipes with the group, first on the back of beer mats and then via social media. Interest from other friends soon began to grow and the group started uploading videos to YouTube showcasing their cooking exploits. From this the SORTEDfood community was born, dedicated to the purpose of helping others with practical tools to live their best life through food.

Central to the SORTEDfood community is the YouTube channel that has had over 700 million views, with two new videos uploaded each week – from learning basic cooking techniques to investigating new food trends and taking on ultimate cooking challenges. In 2018 SORTEDfood launched their paid membership option which gives members access to tools designed to help them cook better and spend less. This includes the Meal Packs App, introduced in 2020 – a midweek meal planning app that takes the stress out of cooking, through smartly designed menus of recipes that use common ingredients to save money, time, and reduce food waste. In March 2021 alone 200,000 meals were served using recipes from the App! In addition, members have access to an exclusive range of Cookbooks and regular podcasts.

Jamie Spafford, Co-Founder comments, “SORTEDfood is a true story of friendship that began over 20 years ago at school. What started as a bit of fun to help each other avoid living off microwave meals and takeaways while we were at university has become a global movement of millions of foodies all around the world who love to cook, eat and be part of our adventures.”

SORTEDfood’s paid membership trebled during 2020, and the community spans continents with active members and subscribers around the world, being most popular in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Germany. The SORTEDfood team have also amassed an enormous social media following with over 270k Instagram followers, 180k on Twitter, and are often seen at the forefront of debate around the latest food trends, from their controversial paella-filled burrito to trialling the latest TikTok recipe crazes.

Jamie continues, “In essence, nothing has changed from those early days round a pub table – it’s still a group of friends having fun and supporting each other through their food needs. It’s just that the table now reaches around the world and we’re able to tackle a lot more! We know reducing food waste and managing tight budgets are really important to people now more than ever, and these are at the heart of what we do. We receive thousands of comments a week, it’s not easy but we try to read them all, reply to as many as we can, and use the feedback to continually evolve our content and keep one step ahead of what people need in the kitchen.”

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