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Are we walking complacently into disaster?

9th Feb 23 12:12 pm

PQ (Post Quantum) computers are way in the future, nothing to worry about in our lifetime….’ was said to me just recently.

Having read the announcement that IBM are launching a 4,000 qubit Quantum Computer in 2025 with the industry planning to follow suit by 2030….. a very short Lifetime.

It’s worth noting that a quantum computer is 158,000,000 times faster than a Supercomputer and takes less than 4 minutes to solve a problem that would take a Supercomputer 10,000 years.

Companies will need to invest significant time, money, and effort to prepare for the tectonic shift Quantum Computers will make. Fortunately, my colleague Professor Jonathan Blackledge, acknowledged as one of the world’s leading cryptographers has already addressed the need and developed PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography).

We at Smart Authentication (SAL) use the future-proof platform for our authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions, as such we have the ground-breaking PQC solution available.

Undoubtedly, we can expect that quantum attacks will first target organisations that still use standard computers. To avoid these attacks, companies will also need to get rid of obsolete archives and records.

This process will involve overhauling various aspects of their cryptosystems, such as authenticating users, managing key exchange protocols, and creating digital signatures.

As a result, it may take decades for organizations to migrate fully to PQC. An expensive exercise if not addressed quickly leaving themselves potentially exposed.

Nevertheless, preparing for cryptographically relevant quantum computers and adopting adequate PQC measures is vital in staying ahead of future threats from quantum computing technologies.

I’m not seeking to scaremonger rather flag up an imminent issue that will affect us all. Unstable they may be at the moment, but they’re coming.

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