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Bitcoin ranks as the UK’s most Googled cryptocurrency; a new study reveals

11th Oct 21 11:22 am

The research by leading software company, Bacancy, revealed that Bitcoin receives an average of 1,100,000 Google searches per month.

The popular cryptocurrency was founded in 2009 and after reaching an all-time high price of $64,863 in April this year is currently trading for around $42,000. In February 2021 Tesla announced its plans to purchase $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency.

Following Bitcoin is Dogecoin in second place, which has received a monthly average of 596,000 Google searches over the past year. The cryptocurrency was created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer originally as a joke, however, is now considered a legitimate investment for the public.

In third place with 378,000 searches is Ethereum, the blockchain based software platform for receiving and sending value globally which was first proposed by Vitalik Buterin in 2013.

Cryptocurrency data table:

Rank      Company            Average monthly searches       

1             Bitcoin 1,100,000

2             Dogecoin            596,000

3             Ethereum           378,000

4             Shibu Inu            189,000

5             Cardano              187,000

6             XRP       185,000

7             Ripple   83,000

8             Cosmos               74,000

9             Litecoin               64,000

10           Polygon              44,000

In fourth place with 189,000 Google searches is SHIBA INU coin, also known as Shiba token, was created in August 2020 anonymously under the name “Ryoshi”.

In fifth place is Cardano with 187,000 Google searches which was founded in 2015 by the co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskin.

XRP is in sixth place with 185,000 monthly searches and in seventh place with 83,000 Google searches is Ripple – both were created by the currency exchange company Ripple Lab Inc.

Cosmos is next in eighth place with 74,000 Google searches per month – the blockchain network was produced in 2014 by the Tenderment company.

In ninth place is Litecoin with 64,000 Google searches. Launched in 2011, Litecoin was originally created to be an early spin off Bitcoin, and its transaction and distribution is four times faster compared to Bitcoin.

Finally, in tenth place receiving 44,000 Google searches is Polygon, which combines sovereign blockchains and the best of Ethereum and put them into a full-fledged multi chain system.

A spokesperson for Bacancy commented on the study saying: “Over the last year, public interest in cryptocurrency trading has risen, and there are more options than ever for people looking to get involved in the market. There has been a lot of excitement around the likes of Dogecoin and Ethereum, but Bitcoin still reigns supreme as the UK’s king of crypto when it comes to the number of searches it receives. This data reveals how much it dominates, attracting the same number of monthly searches as the next three most popular cryptocurrencies combined.”

The study was conducted by Bacancy Technology, a hub of software developers and UI/UX designers that offer development services for the creation of high-end applications.

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