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Breakthrough deal sees global cyber specialists Proofpoint acquire AI front-runners Dathena

by LLT Editor
2nd Feb 22 9:49 am

AI driven data protection specialists Dathena have been acquired by USA-based Proofpoint, a global leading cybersecurity and compliance company following the help of Trachet’s M&A advisory counsel.

Amidst many previous approaches of M&A opportunities for Dathena in the past, Trachet has played an instrumental role in the successful outcome of this landmark deal for the cybersecurity sector, helping to facilitate the acquisition after working with Dathena since mid 2020. Assuming a critical role within the business, the female founded advisory firm was able to leverage an in-depth understanding of the working culture of Proofpoint (recently de-listed after a $12.3bn acquisition from Tomas Bravo) and the compatibility of not only both entities’ technological fit, but the cultural alignment as well.

The Trachet advisory team has been helping founders accelerate growth since 2016 by utilising decades of cross-industry experience as one of the only female led teams in the sector, they also firmly believe in the importance of sourcing and matching the right buyers for their clients. Their people first approach ensures that the businesses and founders they work with are able to secure finance or complete deals in a way that allows the company to achieve their commercial growth goals while fulfilling their mission.

In the case of this transaction, they began to collaborate as Dathena required a business plan for their new offer, but as their relationship evolved, and Trachet began to share their expertise, CEO Chris Muffat and the Board requested to broaden the scope of the relationship. This is where Trachet brings real value as an advisor, comfortably fitting into all roles the client needs. Trachet successfully took on the role of CFO, designing and implementing a 360-company strategy for the new version of the platform being launched, pitched to potential new investors for an extension of Series A. Consequentially they assumed the role of COO/CFO and advisor and in March of last year had to step in for the founder after an accident, in which they led the company in close cooperation with the key executives, remotely, before executing the M&A with Proofpoint remotely across 3 continents.

Claire Trachet, founder and CEO of Trachet said: “We are incredibly proud to have played such a vital role in the acquisition by Proofpoint which will undoubtedly allow Dathena to achieve the kind of growth and success that they deserve. We are people first and that’s what differentiates us from traditional investment bankers or advisory firms and that was clear in this deal, with the compatibility of company cultures being crucial to the eventual deal. We have all really enjoyed our work with Dathena and can’t wait to see how the future growth of the company pans out.”

Christopher Muffat, CEO of Dathena, said: “The Dathena team are incredibly grateful to Trachet, who were instrumental in the completion of this deal from start to finish. Over the last nine months Claire and the team have provided vital support, advice, and expertise on a wide range of issues and opportunities, critical to the success of the business. I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a team through our unique technology and many innovations enabling better data protection. Working together with Proofpoint we will reach thousands of new customers, while further building trust in a digital world.”

Christophe Aulnette, Executive Chairman of Dathena, said: “Dathena acquisition by Proofpoint, a world leader in Cybersecurity, is a clear recognition of its unique value proposition and opens for the team huge opportunities to expand globally and contribute to improving trust in the digital world.  I’m extremely grateful to Claire Trachet and the Trachet team for the hard work and professionalism during the whole process to help make the transaction a reality. They’ve not only been critical resources on the deal execution but also on finance and operations front demonstrating in depth business understanding.”

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