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Digital receipt provider anybill and green banking fintech ecolytiq to push consumer transparency into the future

12th Oct 22 11:37 am

Digital receipt provider, anybill, is collaborating with leading climate engagement fintech, ecolytiq, to bring next-generation features to environmental impact calculations – all with the aim to shift consumer spending behavior towards greener directions.

By joining forces, anybill and ecolytiq are paving the way to successfully intertwine climate action and digital receipting capabilities, by instilling the field with more transparency to close existing analytics and consumption-based data gaps.

This partnership combines the best of both cutting-edge companies to advance climate action. Offering a flexible and environmentally friendly alternative to paper receipts, anybill provides a digital receipt with every purchase, as well as the line-item level information behind a purchase.

This valuable data will refine the ecolytiq Sustainability-as-a-Service® solution, exploring the future possibilities in improving the underlying calculations.

“The field of environmental impact footprinting is taking a huge leap forward with this partnership,” said ecolytiq Co-founder and Managing Director David Lais.

“We are going long way in tackling the systemic lack of transparency in the market by partnering with anybill. With each innovation comes a new set of challenges. That is why we are excited to have anybill as our partner as we explore new approaches to push footprinting to the next level.”

With ecolytiq, consumers can view their carbon footprint and therefore assess their purchasing habits and behaviours, whilst also being providing research-driven content on how to reduce their footprint.

Alexandra Lüke, CPO at anybill said, The past years we have been focusing on building the infrastructure to deliver a digital receipt with every payment transaction.

“Our partnership with ecolytiq allows us to go one important step further – we are not just saving tons of thermal paper every day but also working with the product information to calculate the environmental impact of each purchase. Together, we generate more transparency and raise awareness for more sustainability in our daily lives.”

Having provided the digital ecosystem for the issuing, receiving, and processing of digital receipts for about 3 years, anybill aims to ‘put an end to the paper chaos’. anybill removes barriers to transparency by offering much-needed basket-level data for ecolytiq’s high-quality and hyper-personalised impact calculations.

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