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Exclusive: 73.2% of enterprise organisations need more mature IT processes, study indicates

by Sam Kayum tech journalist
2nd Aug 22 4:10 pm

An overwhelming majority of enterprise organisations would be better supported by higher levels of IT process maturity, according to new research by client-side IT advisory CloudStratex.

The survey, which encompassed senior figures across a swathe of enterprises employing 500-10,000+ individuals, identified a number of shortcomings across current approaches towards operational resilience, cloud and legacy integrations, and the (in)efficiency of cloud financial management.

CloudStratex was quick to identify a particularly concerning lack of maturity in the context of cloud FinOps, also known as cloud financial management. Over 70% of respondents were unable to confirm that their organisation doesn’t waste money on cloud subscriptions, with 57.5% stating outright that moving to the cloud has increased their IT costs.

Other notable survey findings included:

  • 8% of organisations believe that a more resilient IT environment would increase their business productivity.
  • Over 75% of respondents were in agreement with the statement: “the number and duration of business outages could be reduced if your organisation had a better understanding of its application and infrastructure environment.”
  • A majority of respondents reported that their Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is consistently out of date.

Discussing these findings, Adrian Overall, CEO of CloudStratex told LondonLovesTech,“I think the key insight to take away from our research is simply that cloud’s purported benefits – often named in terms of efficiency, agility, scalability, and so on – don’t always happen automatically, and certainly not without a price that can be tricky to pay without the right planning and execution.

Organisations are facing unprecedented regulatory pressure to increase their IT resilience, while the glamorous promise of cloud is now being met with the tricky reality of inefficient or semi-realised implementations with legacy infrastructure and technology.

That’s why we take such pride in our own efforts to help organisations not only correct their current cloud inefficiencies, but to leave them capable of standing on their own two feet long after our interventions are implemented.”

Based in London, CloudStratex specialises in outcome-focused consultative practices, helping its clients to sustainably achieve operational resilience, integration, and efficiency across their IT environments and businesses more broadly.

The advisory firm is also committed to providing and leveraging the next generation of IT leaders through its Talent Academy, a scheme that has seen CloudStratex playing its part in addressing the UK’s IT skills gap.

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