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Increased interest in NFTs amongst UK businesses as searches increase by over 200%

12th Oct 22 10:33 am

Fiverr International Ltd, the company that is revolutionizing how the world works together, today released its Autumn 2022 Business Trends Index, a collection of trending searches for services on Fiverr’s platform.

Among the millions of searches on the marketplace, NFT and video-focused social media services saw the largest percentage increase over the last six months.

With the growth of NFTs, businesses are continuing to invest in NFT-related services showing their willingness to explore how they can use digital goods and services, gamification marketing, and immersive experiences to increase brand loyalty and make a positive impact on their bottom line.

The following skills are some of the most searched NFT-related skills amongst UK businesses:

  • NFT Design +204%
  • NFT Marketplace +196%
  • NFT Collection +160%
  • NFT Website +134%

Businesses are investing in longer-form video content

With the expansion of online sales and marketing — from the growth of social e-commerce to affiliate promotion — companies that have established their online presence are looking to refine their strategies, and businesses are eager to tap into the growth opportunity in online channels. While TikTok’s explosive growth has disrupted the social media landscape, many brands have continued to keep Meta’s social platforms — Instagram and Facebook — at the centre of their growth and sales strategies.

The main trends that emerged in the Index reflect this focus: (1) even as platforms like TikTok have seen massive user growth, the data revealed businesses are increasingly interested in leveraging YouTube, Twitch and Instagram as a core part of their social media strategy and (2) businesses are putting more emphasis on traditionally longer form video-based on content.

These are the trending UK searches over the past six months, showing that TikTok is not the focus of businesses’ social media strategy:

  • Promote YouTube Channel  +178%
  • Twitch Stream Package +175%
  • Instagram Template +130%
  • Instagram Social Media Manager +123%

“The services that are trending in search on the Fiverr platform have been predictive of business’ evolving demands as they navigated unpredictable times over the last few years,” said Hila Klein, COO of Fiverr.

“It is clear from our data that social media remains an essential communication and sales channel, particularly in the run-up to the holidays, and investment in innovation remains critical for growth. Businesses have been put to the test, but we’re incredibly proud that Fiverr continues to provide the resources and tools they need to pivot and elevate their business.”

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