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Newly unveiled app enables consumers to make more sustainable food choices

by Tech Reporter
17th Mar 22 9:06 am

An app designed to help consumers make informed choices about the environmental impact of their weekly food shop has recently celebrated its launch.

Sustained Choice was created to empower people to become more conscious consumers by equipping them with reliable, trusted and accurate information. By using the information the app provides, consumers can make positive purchasing decisions to support the environment while lessening the global impact of food production.

Sustained are on a mission to close the gap between the desire to buy food that is better for the planet, and having the right information to make those informed decisions. By analysing the various stages of a products’ life, the intuitive platform offers shoppers at-a-glance information about how any given product performs in seven key areas of impact, including land and water use, ocean pollution and global warming, assigning it a rating that allows consumers to pick lower impact foods with confidence.

Co-founder of Sustained, Carl Olivier commented: “Sustainability is at its most valuable when it is visible, and our app puts that visibility directly into the hands of the consumer. We not only encourage people to make better choices when it comes to the food they buy, but hope to inspire businesses and brands to be open and transparent about the sustainable changes they are making.

“We are delighted to see the response that Sustained Choice is already receiving from our users. Our mission is to make the full story of food more accessible, and it’s incredibly encouraging to see that chime with so many people.

“Taking positive action is only possible when we give people the right information and tools, and I truly believe technology has the ability to empower people worldwide to do just this. Through platforms like Sustained Choice, we are helping to create a sustainable future, and show everyone how they can all make a difference.”

The platform officially launched this February with most UK grocery retail products supported by the platform.

Currently available as a mobile app for iOS and Android, with a companion browser extension for Chrome and Safari, Sustained Choice is set to become essential for conscious consumers who want to play their part in reducing the environmental, societal and economic impact food production has on our planet.

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