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Meta fined a record €1.2 billion for GDPR breach

by Tech Reporter
22nd May 23 11:36 am

Facebook who owns Meta has been fined €1.2 billion after they had breached part of the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The fine was levied by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) following a three year investigation for breaching the rules for moving the data of Facebook users across borders.

Meta Ireland has been ordered to “suspend any future transfer of personal data to the US within the period of five months.”

They received the record fine on the business “to sanction the infringement that was found to have occurred.”

Meta’s president of global affairs and chief legal officer Jennifer Newstead said the decision “flawed” and “unjustified.”

Newstead wrote on the company website, “We are … disappointed to have been singled out when using the same legal mechanism as thousands of other companies looking to provide services in Europe.

“This decision is flawed, unjustified and sets a dangerous precedent for the countless other companies transferring data between the EU and US.

“We are pleased that the DPC also confirmed in its decision that there will be no suspension of the transfers or other action required of Meta, such as a requirement to delete EU data subjects’ data once the underlying conflict of law has been resolved.”

They added, “No country has done more than the US to align with European rules via their latest reforms, while transfers continue largely unchallenged to countries such as China.”

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