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Mobile games in UK to generate $5bn in revenue by 2025

16th Aug 21 12:21 pm

The Mobile Games segment of the video game industry is the most lucrative form of gaming and is growing in influence in developed markets such as the UK. According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites, Mobile Games are projected to generate $5B in revenue and reach 30M users in the UK by 2025.

Revenue from mobile games in the UK projected to reach $5bn by 2025

Mobile Games have been the most lucrative segment of gaming over the last couple of years and many experts believe the segment is only about to get stronger. In 2021, revenue from Mobile Games in the UK is projected to reach $3.43B after a 14% YoY growth from 2020. This figure is set to grow a further 12.7% in 2022 and reach $3.87B.

From 2021-2025, revenue from Mobile Games in the UK is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.94% and reach $5.02B by 2025. The UK falls just outside of the top 5 Mobile Games’ revenue-generating countries, just behind India’s $3.83B in 2021. China leads the way by a large margin with a $41.48B revenue from Mobile Games in 2021, more than doubling the next largest revenue generated by the US.

30m mobile game users in the UK by 2025

In 2021 the number of mobile game users is projected to reach 25.8M. By 2025 this number is projected to rise to 30M users. The penetration rate of Mobile Games is also expected to add 6 percentage points within the same forecast period; from 37.8% in 2021 to 43.8% in 2025.

The UK’s Mobile Games penetration rate is the fourth highest in the world, just behind China’s 38.8%. The US leads the way at 46.8%, narrowly beating South Korea at 44.9%.

Rex Pascual, eSports editor at Safe Betting Sites said, “It is incredible to think that the future of Mobile Games is about to get more lucrative, considering the heights it has already reached. But the segment is set to experience just that with advancements in technologies such as 5G and cloud gaming set to enhance the mobile gaming experience and make it more accessible than ever before.”

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