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New high tech tool to track investments in real time

by LLT Editor
23rd Feb 22 9:21 am

Idoru’s team of financial specialists have revealed their latest financial technology product – the Idoru Marketplace. Idoru Capital Management combines traditional LP investment with a Fund of Funds model and plugs in valuation-tracking software paired with portfolio modeling, allowing investors to determine an estimated price of their holdings in real time, all the time.

“When the team and I first got together, we looked at the private market as something exceptionally opaque. We have all been investing across PE and VC and have generally been pleased with the returns, but found that the fundamental problem was information transparency. We wanted to eliminate the information discrepancy factor.” explains Michael Beda, co-founder and CEO of Idoru.

Thus, they developed the Idoru Marketplace, a technology that empowers investors by creating a shortcut to understanding the behavior of their investments, and eliminating the wait for yearly reports, quarterly update letters, or opaque private placements.

“All companies we engage with are tracked and given estimated valuation ranges between earning reports or fundraising timelines. By compiling this information and adjusting accordingly, we can give investors an accurate snapshot of their portfolio at any given time.” comments Mr. Beda.

Idoru invests into an extremely broad range of privately held up-and-coming companies in some of the most attractive sectors of today’s economy while partnering with some of the biggest “household name” firms to construct a portfolio that allows for true private market diversification.

The ultimate goal of Idoru Capital Management is to develop a series of private market offerings that are as transparent as publicly-traded securities and then surpass these reporting requirements; in the long term democratizing investments by making information accessible to all.

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