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PAL Robotics unveils futuristic mobile manipulator: TIAGo Pro Edition

by Tech Reporter
26th May 23 12:11 pm

PAL Robotics’ team has been hard at work developing a new robot to push the boundaries of what is possible within current robotics research.

The team is unveiling the TIAGo Pro Edition which features the latest technology – with torque-controllable arms able to reach items on the floor and high shelves with enhanced mobile manipulation capabilities, a touch screen face, facial recognition, speech in multiple languages, a chatbot, and a base that moves in all directions including side to side.

These capabilities are ready on the newly developed TIAGo Pro Edition robot which is aimed at agile manufacturing and industry 5.0, as well as healthcare.

PAL Robotics is thrilled to be showcasing the TIAGo Pro Edition robot at ICRA 2023 at ExCeL London, from 29 May-2 June 2023 – the premier international forum for robotics researchers to present and discuss their work.

Francesco Ferro, CEO at PAL Robotics said of the launch, “the new robot TIAGo Pro Edition really pushes the boundaries of robots working together with humans – it more lets us reimagine how robots can assist humans in daily living and working, to make robots more and more useful to us.”

In the ROS 2-compatible robot PAL Robotics has enhanced the robot’s expressiveness: for users to be able to generate a range of eye expressions (such as happy, sad, sceptical, confused) and smoothly, direct the robot’s gaze and eyes in a natural way. The robot is also able to match faces, skeletons, and people, and offers state-of-the-art fully offline speech recognition in 20+ languages; and a new chatbot engine.

Narcís Miguel i Baños, Head of Mobile Manipulation at PAL Robotics said, “for TIAGo Pro Edition we did a lot of re-designing, from the software, to the electronics to the arms, and we’re so happy with the outcome – a robot equipped to use it’s sophisticated mobile manipulation capabilities in industry, yet that still has human-centric qualities to work with humans side by side, and that we hope in future can be offered without arms, for assisting in healthcare.”

Narcís continued, “with TIAGo Pro Edition, we have explored a new arm placement to have an easy frontal and lateral reach. The torque-controlled arms also let users have more precise and human-centric manipulation. The robot can learn by demonstration, and also be taught new motions for collaborative tasks.”

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