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World’s first facial recognition payment terminal coming to a shop near you

by LLT Editor
21st Oct 21 11:16 am

VisionLabs, the world’s leading facial recognition company, today announced the launch of its pioneering biometric payment hardware — the VisionLabs LUNA POS Terminal.

The certified terminal is the first payment device to enable both traditional credit card payments and biometric facial recognition payments in one. With six design and three utility patents filed, the device is set to radically disrupt everyday biometric payments. VisionLabs’ state-of-the-art facial recognition software is already used in more than 60 countries by enterprises across banking and finance, retail, transport and a wide range of other sectors.

A Complete Biometric Payment Solution

The VisionLabs LUNA POS Terminal is the first payment terminal to support both traditional payment methods whilst also facilitating transaction authorization via biometric facial recognition. It offers the hardware, supported by VisionLabs’ AI-driven facial recognition algorithm, to empower banks and merchants to offer their customers the world’s first complete, contactless solution. For consumers, the LUNA POS Terminal offers a better, safer digital transaction experience.

“We introduced our first generation of LUNA POS with no credit card support in 2019 to simply try out the face-based payment process. It quickly turned out that the adoption rate of this technology exceeded our expectations: we have recorded a conversion rate upwards of 40% to face payments among different types of major national banks and retailers”, said Anton Nazarkin, Global Business Development Director at VisionLabs.

“With the LUNA POS, we pushed ourselves to the limit in designing a unit that not only meets our strict requirements as a best-in-class facial recognition solutions vendor but also implements the highest security standards that exist in the payments industry”.

Technology For The Times

The creation of the terminal comes as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has radically accelerated the shift to biometric contactless payment methods. While some banks are already using smartphone-supported facial recognition to authenticate online payments, this is not enough to satisfy consumers’ growing demand for safer and more secure ways to pay, contact-free. This appetite will see the number of users securing payments via software-based facial recognition exceed 1.4 billion globally by 2025 compared to just 671 million in 2020. Beyond this, facial recognition payments offer consumers a quick, convenient and more secure alternative to traditional card payments.

The LUNA POS Terminal offers merchants and banks a complete contactless solution. For customers, this means a seamless way to pay using biometrics, though they can still opt for traditional payment methods — chip cards, magnet stripe, standard contactless payment, and Near Field Communication (NFC) — should they wish to.

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