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Solana’s social engagement soared by 434% in three months

5th Sep 22 3:15 pm

While the crypto market continues to struggle as a whole, the social engagement of its community is rising. However, among all digital assets’ social activity, one stands out as the leader.

According to data presented by Crypto Presales, Solana’s social engagement soared by a massive 434% in three months, the biggest increase among the top 20 crypto coins measured by social activity.

Social engagements rise while prices fall

Even with the recent huge correction, the social activity in the crypto space maintained steady growth, and Solana had a massive role in that.

The LunarCrush data showed that Solana’s social engagements hit 16.6bn, a huge 434% jump in three months. SOL token’s social mentions also soared in this period, climbing by 448% to 10.7 million.

Although Avalanche’s native token AVAX has seen its fortunes tumble in 2022, after losing over 80% of its value and falling off the list of the top ten most valuable cryptos by market cap, its social activity skyrocketed in the past months.

Statistics show Avalanche’s social engagements soared by 293% to 3.3bn, the second-largest increase after Solana, with over 2 million social mentions in three months.

While Bitcoin remains the most-trending crypto globally, its social engagements dropped. According to LunarCrash data, Bitcoin’s social mentions plunged by 17.8% to 32.4 million, with a total of 137.4bn social engagements over the period.

On the other hand, Ethereum’s social engagements jumped by 30% to 52.1bn. The second-largest coin in the crypto space recorded 23.1 million social mentions in three months. Dogecoin follows with 4.3 million social mentions and 16.6 bn social engagements.

DeFi token Shiba Inu recorded nearly 3.7 million social mentions and a total of 5.4bn social engagements in this period, showing a 12.6% increase in three months.

Global Crypto social engagements soared by 460% in two years

The LunarCrush data shows social activity in the crypto space has been steadily climbing over the past two years. The platform explained: “If social activity is anything to go by, growth within the crypto space has never slowed down.”

Statistics show global crypto social media engagements jumped by 460% in two years to 1.05trn, while social mentions soared by nearly 670% to 830 million.

Bitcoin accounts for the largest share of these figures, with over 1trn social engagements and 240 million social mentions in two years.

Statistics show Ethereum recorded 179bn social engagements and 83 million social mentions during this time. Dogecoin follows with 128bn and 44.6 million, respectively.

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