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Stop that smartphone sizzling: Ten tips to protect your tech through the heatwave

by LLT Editor
12th Jul 22 8:17 am

As Britain sizzles in 30C heat this week, you may be tempted to go to extreme lengths to keep your tech gadgets cool. 

Smartphones can be damaged by extreme temperatures. Leaving a mobile in direct sunlight can cause it to overheat, potentially resulting in permanent damage.

Before you try putting your phone in the freezer – here are ten tips from mobiles expert, Catherine Hiley at Uswitch.com, to help your device cope as the mercury rises:

  1. Avoid hot spots: Leaving your phone in a hot car or direct sunlight can see its temperature rocket above safe levels, with Apple warning that iPhones operate best below 35C. If you’re outside, try to keep your phone hidden from direct sunlight and never leave it in a hot vehicle.
  2. Freezer trick cuts no ice: While it’s tempting to quickly cool a hot handset in the freezer – don’t do it – it could end up making the problem worse. The dramatic temperature change can cause condensation to form inside your device, potentially ruining the hardware. Instead, leave it on a cool surface with good airflow.    
  3. Settings check: Check your phone settings to identify the apps using the most power and switch them off. You can also put the device into Battery Saver mode to conserve power. This will ensure it is not always working flat out and will help to stop overheating.
  4. Flight club: Switching your mobile onto flight mode can help stop it getting too hot. This will turn off your phone’s internet and bluetooth connectivity and stop multiple background processes like app updates. 
  5. Dim the lights: Reducing your phone’s brightness settings will cut the amount of battery you use and also keep your device from getting too toasty.
  6. Camera groan: Although the summer is a great time for pictures and videos, try to avoid using your phone’s camera for long stretches. Snapping away constantly can cause it to overheat, as well as potentially exposing it to the sun.
  7. Pocket penalty: Body heat will increase the temperature of your device, especially if it’s kept in your pocket on a sunny day. Put it in a bag or on a table to keep it well ventilated.
  8. Take off a layer: Removing your phone’s case can help prevent overheating, as any fitted covering will retain warmth. Just make sure you don’t drop it while you’re out in the sunshine.
  9. Fan support: To cool down an overheated phone, safely and quickly, put it in front of a fan. The cool air will steadily bring it down to normal temperature. If you don’t have a fan, place it in a cool, dark spot out of direct sunlight.  
  10. Switch it off: The best way to cool down an overheating device is to switch it off. If your smartphone is getting uncomfortably hot, give it a bit of a break for a few minutes until it cools down.   

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