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Super micro computer stock sees volatility

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
24th May 24 10:29 am

Super Micro Computer (SMCI) stock experienced wild volatility yesterday, closing the day with a 3% drop.

The drop came hours after the stock value had risen by 11% following the release of Nvidia’s first-quarter report. The quick reversal left the market players confused about what might be the cause.

The day began on a high note, with the stock soaring by 11%. The bullish sentiment, driven by Nvidia’s report, excited traders widely.

However, things began taking a quick turn, leaving analysts and investors unsure of what was happening. There are speculations that some traders who benefitted from the morning surge decided to sell their shares to take off their profits. Others also claim the general dynamic nature of the markets and the general economic factors drove the reversals.

Nvidia, controlling the tech sector

Nvidia’s first-quarter report catalyzed the initial surge in SMCI stock value. Its earnings crushed the market’s expectations and set the Super Micro Computer upward. The AI tech company announced non-GAAP earnings per share of $6.12 and sales of $26.04 billion. Such a performance exceeded the London Stock Exchange Group’s prediction of $5.59 earnings per share on sales of $24.65 billion. The announcement showed that investors are keen on its AI and data center products.

With this performance, Nvidia has stamped its authority in the AI industry in terms of revenue generation. Such authority boosts the confidence of partner companies like Super Micro Computer, which supplies advanced server and storage solutions. As Nvidia keeps driving the adoption of AI technologies, the Super Micro Computer stands to benefit. These two companies’ success are intertwined.

Is super micro computer still a good buy?

Despite recent challenges, Super Micro Computer remains a good investment opportunity. The stock demonstrated remarkable growth over the past fiscal year, surging approximately 414%.

This positive trend is a strong indicator that should build investor confidence. Currently, the stock is trading at about 36 times its anticipated 2024 price. Although expensive, it shows the significant and rapid growth potential that reassures investors.

Due to its close ties with Nvidia, Super Micro Computer is strategically placed to benefit from the growth of AI and computing solutions. The recent drop should allow you to purchase at a lower rate as an investor. The stock will likely bounce back sooner, and demand will spur its price even higher.

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