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Is it time to buy or sell super micro computer

by Simon Jones Tech Reporter
26th Apr 24 6:42 am

Super Micro Computer, Inc., commonly known as Supermicro, is a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation, serving customers in over 100 countries with a broad array of products, including servers, storage systems, workstations, and networking solutions.

The company’s stock, traded under the ticker SMCI, has been in the spotlight as investors seek to understand the tech company’s future trajectory amidst a dynamic market landscape.

Stock analysis: Buy or sell SMCI?

On April 24, we at AltIndex, recommended Super Micro Computer (SMCI) as a buy. This decision was not without reason. Our comprehensive algorithms consider a wide spectrum of alternative data insights, striving to pinpoint patterns that may suggest a stock’s prospects. And Super Micro Computer stood out with an AI Score of 69 – indicative of a strong potential for growth. Let’s dissect the reasons driving this high AI Score and their implications for SMCI’s stock.

Surge in online engagement

Alternative metrics like a month-over-month surge in social media followers can be strong indicators of brand growth and public interest. Super Micro Computer has seen noteworthy increases in followers across Twitter and Instagram. This heightened visibility often correlates with increased customer engagement and, by extension, potentially higher sales – a positive signal for investors.

Recruitment as a growth indicator

A spike in job postings by SMCI represents an insightful piece of alternative data. Rapid hiring may forecast business expansion and an optimistic outlook by management on the company’s future. If a company scales its workforce, it is often preparing for increased demand, product line expansion, or geographic growth—all factors that can contribute positively to stock value over time.

Financial strength

Improved financials and robust year-over-year revenue growth are traditional indicators of a company’s strength, and SMCI does not disappoint in this area. With a staggering 103.2% revenue increase reported in its fourth quarter of 2023 earnings, Super Micro Computer surpasses many industry benchmarks, suggesting a strong and growing demand for its products and services.

Market sentiment

The pulse of market sentiment, especially within specialized stock forums, often provides a ground-level view of investor confidence. For SMCI, there’s been a noticeable positive shift in sentiment, which can be a precursor to stock price appreciation as retail investors rally behind the stock.

Social media traffic

A month-over-month increase in Facebook fans signifies an expanding community of followers and, potentially, customers. Social media traction can often lead to increased brand awareness, translating into strong sales growth.

Currently, SMCI stands at 769.19 USD per share, observing a 24.8% decline in the last month. Despite this recent downturn, the underlying fundamentals and alternative data insights suggest a resilient and growing company. Thus, based on our analysis, SMCI is a buy at its current price, with the caveat that investors should always do their own due diligence and consider their risk tolerance.

In conclusion, Super Micro Computer’s high AI score reflects a confluence of positive factors, paving the way for an optimistic outlook. Given the alignment of alternative data insights with traditional financial metrics, Super Micro Computer could offer a promising opportunity for investors.

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