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Surge in broadband complaints reflects UK’s cost of living crisis

by Tech Reporter
12th Jul 23 11:41 am
Fair Internet Report has released a concerning analysis of customer reviews over the past two years.

The results show a striking surge in the number of complaints related to broadband pricing and service reliability, reflecting the broader financial difficulties that UK residents are currently facing.

According to the data, complaints about the cost of broadband services have seen a significant increase, jumping from 20% of all reviews in Q2 2022 to a startling 31.06% in the same period of 2023. This upward trend paints a stark picture of the rising financial burden UK residents are dealing with in the midst of the ongoing “cost of living” crisis.

Alongside this, complaints about broadband reliability and connection issues have also seen a substantial increase, rising from 14% in 2022 to 22.07% in 2023. This indicates a growing frustration among UK residents not only with the rising costs of broadband, but also with the quality of the services they are paying for.

While complaints about poor customer service have remained relatively steady, rising slightly from 18% to 15.67%, it’s evident that customers are not just concerned about the quality of service but also about the lack of support they’re receiving.

This data comes against the backdrop of a deepening economic crisis, with interest rates spiking and inflation running high. The cost of food and other essentials has risen dramatically, leading to a severe strain on household budgets. For many UK residents, the rising cost of broadband – a service that has become an essential utility in our digital age – is a stressor they can ill afford.

“We are seeing an alarming trend in the broadband market,” explained Thomas Buck, broadband analysis at Fair Internet Report. “At a time when UK residents are already grappling with rising living costs, the increase in broadband prices and a concurrent decline in service reliability is a double blow. Providers need to take these customer concerns seriously and take immediate action to address them.”

Fair Internet Report continues to monitor and analyse broadband provider performance, providing a platform for customers to voice their concerns and experiences, with the aim to effect positive changes in the broadband sector.

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