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Top of the flops: Tech IPOs hits and misses from past decade

by LLT Editor
10th Jun 22 10:43 am

Shopify, Atlassian and Coinbase are among the IPO hits and misses over the past decade, in a list co-created by Rows – the next-generation spreadsheet for businesses, backed by Lakestar, Accel, and Cherry Ventures – launched on the 10th anniversary of Facebook’s infamous listing.

In May 2012, Facebook was the third-largest IPO in US history. Ten years later it still holds one of the largest valuations at IPO, as found in Rows’s list, with $104bn. Since this it has paved the way for other tech firms to successfully IPO, from ServiceNow to Airbnb.

Overall, total market capitalization in the list is $2.25tn with the average growth for tech IPOs at 252%. However, as Rows found, some of the much-hyped companies’ IPOs, such as Robinhood, Coinbase and Lyft, flopped.

Rows, in collaboration with Market Sentiment Live – newsletter to investors and traders – explored IPO patterns and trends over the decade through its public spreadsheet of tech IPOs ranked by growth percentage.

Based on Nasdaq data via its built-in integration with Alpha Vantage, allowing users to get real-time data on stocks and currencies, the list includes valuation at listing, IPO listed price, listing change, current share price, opening and closing day price, as well as growth percentage.

Rows co-founder and CEO, Humberto Ayres Pereira, commented: “Robinhood, Lyft and Coinbase, who performed poorly against expectations, show how tricky it is to predict how markets will move. And that’s why for retail investors it’s important to keep tabs on their investments. We built Rows with community and collaboration at its heart, and we’ve seen an increasing number of retail investors using the platform to keep up to date with the latest financial trends and insights.”

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