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Totaljobs acquire US conversational AI technology MYA

by Tech Reporter
17th May 21 12:36 pm

Totaljobs, the UK’s largest hiring platform, will soon offer users job searches based on conversational artificial intelligence as early as 2021. As a key part of StepStone Group, one of the world’s leading online job marketplaces, Totaljobs will take the next big step in transforming how people seek new roles and careers.

Totaljobs and StepStone have acquired the San Francisco-based, multiple award-winning conversational AI technology Mya. With the help of Mya’s conversational AI, Totaljobs will fundamentally change the way it engages with job seekers, nurturing those relationships, and matching them to the right job opportunities.

On top of just searching for jobs, Totaljobs will interact with its users conversationally through new channels to discover more about precise job seeker preferences, skills, and interests to increase the overall number and quality of matching job applications.

The new technology becomes part of StepStone’s global Autonomous Matchingtm platform. Based on machine learning, conversational AI will enable job seekers to find matching job opportunities even without actively searching for them.

The technology draws conclusions from talking to the candidate and then suggests suitable jobs via text message, WhatsApp, or onsite chat. As the platform learns, both candidates and businesses will ultimately benefit from improved matching and higher quality of relevant candidates.

Engaging with job seekers based on conversational AI will first be integrated into Totaljobs’ UK job marketplaces in and StepStone’s offerings in the German language.

StepStone CEO Dr. Sebastian Dettmers said, “Today, online job search still relies on job seekers typing in job titles and locations. As a result, many people do not find the right job. In the future, conversational AI will help us to have meaningful interactions with our users and to find out what matters to them.”

Jon Wilson, CEO of Totaljobs said, “This also means a significant step in digitising the job market in the UK. As the UK’s largest hiring platform, Totaljobs will use conversational AI to make a fundamental difference in the lives of job seekers and the success of its customers.”

Mya Systems was founded in 2012 by Eyal Grayevsky and James Maddox with the goal of simplifying hiring processes. The San Francisco based company has since developed one of the most advanced conversational technologies, a technological leap forward which is now primed to be used in recruitment processes all over the world.

Along with the conversational technology, the full engineering and developer team including the two founders will now become part of StepStone Group.

“With StepStone and Totaljobs, we see the opportunity to accelerate our vision to create a far more efficient and equitable job market powered by AI,” added Eyal Grayevsky, founder and CEO at Mya.

“We look forward to becoming part of one of the most successful online recruiting companies globally.

StepStone and Totaljobs are pioneers in autonomous matching and the perfect platform for Mya to scale our technology and impact millions of job seekers.”

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