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UK based Islamic fintech company launches equity crowdfunding platform

7th Oct 21 11:40 am

Maydan Capital Ltd who are a UK-based fintech company, have today announced the launch of its equity crowdfunding platform that delivers vetted, early-stage, ethical and halal investment opportunities targeting tech-focused accredited investors globally.

Maydan’s fundraising platform, which is currently open for applicants, helps kickstart early-stage companies in their initial stage of growth, and combat some of the common barriers to entry these companies face.

Through the Maydan platform, Issuers are able to rapidly communicate and promote the distribution of their investment offerings to the family office, institutional, international and traditional investment communities. While Maydan is happy to serve companies from all ethical sectors, the company expects the majority of its early deals to come from the technology sector. Maydan Issuers are pursuing capital raises with targets between $100k and $10 million.

Maydan’s launch comes at a time when investors are increasingly seeking to put their money directly in companies that are ethical and at the same time internationally competitive. According to a report published by Moody’s Investors Service, Islamic finance has maintained a long-established growth trend and is expected to continue rising in 2021 and beyond. Maydan is looking to capture and subsequently harness this increasing interest in ethical ventures.

Safdar Alam, CEO of Maydan, is a well-known figure in the global Islamic Finance sector, playing key roles in creating the Islamic banking businesses at global banks such as UBS and JP Morgan.

Safdar Alam said, “Having seen the growth in this sector over the last three decades in institutional flows in money markets and the debt capital markets, it has become apparent that the benefits that trickle down to investors and entrepreneurs have lagged behind. An ethical investor has very little access to supporting growth businesses that align with their values, especially opportunities that have been highly vetted to a professional degree.”

“We believe it is important for ethically-aware investors to have access to opportunities to invest and grow their wealth in a meaningful way, and in a way that directs capital to businesses that are aligned to their values. Our platform allows capital groups around the world to exponentially increase their exposure to quality, ethical opportunities in the tech market.”

The Maydan platform provides participants with immediate, global access to both capital and deal flow. As well as originating its own organic deal flow through its platform, Maydan is working with selected partners to open up opportunities previously reserved for the Venture Capital and institutional markets.

Maydan is a subsidiary of Wahed Inc, a leading global financial investment platform that offers ethical and halal investing to residents of the US, UK and Malaysia and is licensed in 9 jurisdictions around the globe, with over 200,000 customers globally.

Commenting on Maydan’s launch, Junaid Wahedna, CEO of Wahed, said, “Maydan’s launch is a decisive step towards Wahed’s aim to build an Islamic marketplace that meets the growing demand for socially conscious investors, and their position in our group ensures that growth companies can access a world-class platform connected to a very significant pool of ethically-minded investors and networks.”

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